Wednesday, July 23, 2008

deserted beach

my first blog...where to start?!

ok, start with something simple. simple is best.

playing around with google maps the other day i happened to spot a nice looking beach in walking distance from my apartment.

view from google maps

so with this in mind i set off with camera in hand.
just a short walk along the private road to my apartment is a small track leading down to the water. it's not an easy track as it's pretty overgrown, buzzing with mosquitoes, and then you need to clamper down a rock face set-up with an unstable ladder and sun-ages rope.
once down on the rocks you're pretty safe apart from the hundreds of super fast legged rock bugs... have no idea what they are, and the moss covered rocks which can be kinda slippery.

anytime of day there are quite a few fisherman here... they don't seem to have a big catch though.

so after climbing over the rocks i finally made it to the beach. beautiful and deserted and with a nice view towards the eastern tip of hong kong island.

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