Wednesday, November 26, 2008


ok, i haven't said much about Hong Kong lately...
so here we go, but it's gonna be a bit of a grouch.

why is it so hard to find a decent cup of coffee in this city of 7-million!!

(i know, i know... i'm living in a culture of tea drinkers)

i'm one of those guys who needs a coffee to start the day.... yet i find myself sipping from a ☆bucks paper cup.
how could this happen?!
for starters i have no choice....
just about every cafe here is one of those non-unique chain stores, and they're on every blimmin corner.

but all is not lost.
i stumbled over a cafe which makes a pretty good brew.
unfortunately the cafe itself was typical of Hong Kong with the aircon on at full blast (they did have out-door seating though, definitely a +) so yes, not very cosy.
but the coffee was better than the decor.

if only i could find an inviting place near my office....
good coffee = better work output (yeah right) = happy boss = more pay = happy me

Barista Cafe
Shop 211, 2F, China Resources Building
26 Harbour Road
Wan Chai

* the coffee tasted better than it looks!

1 comment:

pascale said...

sometimes...a good cup of coffee experience makes all the difference. :)

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