Friday, January 2, 2009


it's finally winter.
not that Hong Kong gets snow at all but i'm surrounded in white.
it never occurred to me that i kinda like the simplicity of white.
there are those out there who have all their gadgets in white; white iPod, white mac, white mobile.
but i seem to have all my man-cosmetics in white and shades of grey.

a: chanel precision anti-pollution sunscreen (anti-pollution a must have here!) b: shiseido seabreeze body lotion (cooling in summer) c: rexona deodorant (it's for women.... i hate the smell of men's deodorant) d: shiseido men cleansing foam e: ecostore body wash (made in New Zealand!) f: jurlique viola cream (good for those dry winter patches) g: shiseido men hydrating lotion h: jean paul gaultier cologne i: johnson & johnson baby powder (when humidity reaches 100% here, baby powder does the trick!) j: shiseido men moisturizing emulsion

i've just added some more white into my life with some new high-quality cotton bath towels.
after traipsing up some stairs in a run-down apartment in Wan Chai (i didn't wanna risk the elevator) i was greeted by a sweet little old lady who runs a store chockablock with towels which are sold to 5-star hotels here in Hong Kong.

i had fun wrapping myself in towels of all shapes and sizes before finally making my selection.
but hey, looks can be deceiving, this lovely lady is a tough one to bargain with! (bargaining is a way of life in Hong Kong)
no matter how much i put on my charming "please" smile she wouldn't even budge HK$1.
oh well, my bathroom is decked out like the Sheraton now for next to nothing so i'm not complaining.
and apart from the tough stance, she was lovely.

i think i'll go back and buy a bathrobe...

the towel store
Room 2, 1F, Kelly House
6-14 Gresson Street
Wan Chai
Tel: 2865-6378 (call for appointment)


mandy said...

yoyo~ how can u find this interesting place???

world of sekimachihato said...

* mandy
u wanna know anything about HK, just ask me! (hehehe)
so should be the other way around....

pascale said...

oh my I wish I can bring the towels back home!

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
you should stock-up next time you're back here.
heard Tokyo got it's first whitening of snow the other day...i love that first sprinkling!

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