Friday, January 30, 2009

Yunnan - Day 2 : Lijiang (丽江) Part II

our driver then took us to Baisha Village (白沙村); the original settlement of the Nakhi people (纳西族) who originally came from Tibet.

Baisha Village was very quaint and peaceful. my camera was having a field-day snapping away at the dilapidated buildings and local people in their traditional clothing.
i'm not sure why they use blue colorings, but the Nakhi people wear wide-sleeved loose gowns accompanied by jackets and long trousers, tied with belts at the waist. large cotton turbans are worn around their heads, which are accompanied with big silver earrings. very cool.
being bang-slap in the middle of the chinese new year it was also cool to see locals busy pasting up their new decorations outside their doorways and lighting fireworks to ward off any evil spirits.

this elderly lady was in her field drying out what looked like seaweed. she was happy to have her picture taken. K chatted to her in chinese but as her dialect was so strong it was a mission to try to understand her.

i never understand chinese culture when it comes to rubbish.
wherever i travel in China i always see people dropping their rubbish, spitting, peeing, pooing on the street, or train, or bus...
even in this quaint village there was a little stream running through it. the water was very clear as it probably runs off the mountain, but again, i saw locals throwing their rubbish into it.
this lady was washing her vegetables but just up-stream in her view (she wasn't worried) was a lady scrubbing her car's foot mats...

i'm surprised i didn't get sick as i ate lunch here in a "shop" that had no running water... so guess where my veges were cleaned!!

just another cultural difference i guess...

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