Thursday, April 9, 2009

In-Town Check In

one of the many things i love about hong kong is its convenience!
being a small city in size, not population, it's easy to get from A to B.
or B to C.
you get my drift.

but it gets even better when you're leaving hong kong to travel.
when going to the airport the fastest way (don't read that as the cheapest) is to take the airport express.
it's a train that runs from the city centre (hong kong station) to the airport in 24 minutes.
oh, just for extra convenience it also has free WiFi on the train.

and then there is the "in-town check in" service.
up to 1-day before your flight you can check-in your luggage at any of the three airport express stations (tsing yi station, kowloon station, and hong kong station), get your boarding pass and then that's it! you're free to roam around the city or do what you please!
up to 90-min before your flight you just have to take the airport express to the airport and go through customs etc. no need to cart your luggage to the airport as it's all pre-checked-in.
now that's convenient!
oh, and it's a free service too! even better!!
*note: eight not so common airline carriers don't allow this check-in service

the in-town check in area at hong kong station

like the airport, each airline has their own counter

so that's just what i did this morning.
i woke up earlier than usual and went to one of the airport express stations to check-in my suitcase and get my boarding pass.
then it was a quick subway to work. arrrgghhh i so don't want to be here today... i'm already in holiday mood
anyway, in half-a-days time i will be making my way to the airport for my flight tonight to shanghai!
just a bit worried about getting to my hotel in shanghai.
i googled the hotel on "google map" to get an idea of where i'm staying.
point "A".


Luuworld said...

what a cool thing, this "in-town check in" is! so practical. it's genius. i hate carrying around loads of luggage, so this would be perfect for me. too bad we don't have this in norway.

so. tell us about your shanghai holiday! was the underwater hotel nice? LOL

world of sekimachihato said...

i know! it's so simple yet so efficient!
i really don't know why other countries haven't followed suit and done the same.
travelling the globe usedto be a glamorous affair, but now it can all feel like a bit of a hassel.
at least this service makes life a bit easier.

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