Monday, April 20, 2009

Pudong : 浦东

after the short ride on the "bund sightseeing tunnel" (also sign-posted as the "tourist tunnel"...) we arrived on the pudong side of shanghai. this is shanghai's new face.
amazingly less than 6 years ago this was farm land, now it's shanghai's financial and commercial hub; in other words not a very exciting place for your global traveller.

this area feels like it's
still growing.
it already has its fair share of high rise buildings, but the roads surrounding them are still pot-holed and again, like the bund, under construction.
it felt odd walking around here seeing wealthy chinese and foreign expats prancing around in their suits and high heels with a starb*cks in one hand and a blackberry in the other; yet on the same street were migrants from china's vast countryside wearing drab dusty clothes eating noodles from street vendors.
i wonder if they have a better life here in shanghai after all?

the main attractions in pudong are the high rise buildings.
the world's 3rd tallest tower, the rocket-shaped oriental pearl tower (
东方明珠塔) stands out the most, especially at night when it is lit up like a christmas tree gone horrible wrong.
if you like observations decks you're in luck. it has 15 of them.

then you have the shopping-bag building; well that's what i call it anyway.
more commonly known as the shanghai world finance center (
上海环球金融中心). it's the 4th tallest building in the world and is home to the worlds highest hotel (the park hyatt).
K-chan hates heights but we went up to the worlds highest observation deck on the 100-floor anyway.
the observation deck is in the "handle" part of the "bag" and unfortunately for K-chan it had a glass floor... oops!

while everyone else was sitting on the glass panels taking in the view of the tiny cars below
K-chan was clinging to the handrails and wanted to leave, like right now!
i snapped these few shots while K-chan was in a bewildered and meditated state.

imagine the view if shanghai was pollution free!

beside the shopping-bag is the jin mao tower (
i had a quick peak at the atrium of the 5-star 555-room grand hyatt as the architecture is pretty cool.

so yeah, if buildings don't do it for you, you're outta luck on this side of the river.
you could check out the aquarium, but believe me, it wasn't that great...
(i only went because i had a few hours spare before my return flight)
that is unless stingrays do it for you. no?


Luuworld said...

farm land six years ago, huh? wow. things sure develop quickly in china. nice pics, i love observation decks. too bad about the pollution in shanghai, though...

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
development in china is amazing.
i just went to our china office on wednesday and in the few months that i didn't go a 5-star hotel has been built (fully completed) next to our office! they must work around the clock, night and day!

Ca said...

Looks like fun, you travel a lot I see. I wish I had the time and money!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Ca
Shanghai is fun, but i prefer the rural towns in china; a city is a city where ever you go in china...

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