Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sham Tsung Village : 深井村

my hong kong friend's c&e invited me and k-chan along with some other friends to see their recently purchased apartment.
it's a bit of a trek from our apartment but always good to explore other areas of hong kong where we would normally not venture to.

view from the 50th floor of c&e's apartment

after relaxing at c&e's apartment we walked the short distance to an old fishing village called sham tseng (深井村) to eat at the popular yue kee roasted goose restaurant (
裕記燒鵝飯店) founded back in 1958 by the ng family.

we wondered down a little back street dotted with other local restaurants and tiny stalls selling soft drinks in glass bottles with faded labels. then we came to yue kee where seriously about 50 people were waiting outside for a table. our hosts suggested we order out but we all agreed to soak up the atmosphere and wait for a table. surprisingly we didn't need to wait too long until we were being led through a maze of rooms running between steamy kitchens, old ladies caring pots of hot chinese tea and men with their arms full of dirty plates. this is the hong kong i love.

er... don't plan on coming to this restaurant on a rainy day...

as with most local restaurants we were seated at a big round table in a room with absolutely no thought to it's interior or atmosphere. miss-matched chairs, bright florescent lights, humming air con and plastic plates.
but the best thing about going to local restaurants with a group of friends is being able to sample a wide range of dishes.

we had shark fin & chicken soup

fried squid with broccoli

sea cucumber, mushrooms with goose claws (feet) & wings

steamed river fish

fried shrimp balls

and of course the famous yue kee charcoal roasted goose

the food was pretty good although i had trouble with the goose feet...
charcoal roasted goose was very succulent but pretty oily. not something to eat too often.

and as always there was room for dessert.
just as crowed was a dessert favorite here in hong kong; lucky dessert (
desserts here are popular for their use of fresh mango, pungent durian and black sesame.

yue kee roasted goose restaurant info:
9 sham hong road
sham tseng
new territories
tel: 2491 0105


Luuworld said...

this post made me miss asia so much it hurt! the pix of the food (esp. the yummy dessert!), the waiting outside the crowded restaurant (and the crappy interior)...

and how 'bout that view from the 50th floor?! wow.

i'll just go look out the window of my flat on the 3rd floor and miss asia some more, thank you. lol

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
so when was the last time you were in asia? which country?
i forget how far europe is from here... it's not so easy to jump on a plane and come over here i guess. although you should try!

yeah, apartment buildings in hong kong are quite often 50 floors +
when looking for an apartment it's important to choose one that's higher than the 10th floor otherwise you will get eaten alive by mosquitoes!

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