Monday, May 18, 2009

Shek O : 石澳

summer is here.

it's gonna be hot, muggy and sticky for at least the next half year.
unfortunately for me i'm an autumn guy.
i love that feeling of pre-winter when it's time to wrap up in warm knits, scarves and pull out my favorite leather boots.

but no, now it's time to
close all the windows, switch on the air con, turn on the dehumidifier and pack away my winter woollies.

apart from the fact that it's hot here even when naked, another reason why i'm not so fond of summer in hong kong is because i glow.

i what??

yes, i glow.

most hong kong girls are bombarded on a daily bases with skin whitening products.
they will do anything to have
flawless white skin.
it's not uncommon to see girls here using parasols, yes, those frilly umbrellas that protect you from the sun.
i've even seen old ladies using normal umbrellas instead of a parasol, and even a lady using a transparent umbrella (like those sold in japanese convenience stores).
don't think she was blocking too many ultra-violet rays with that one!

many guys on the other hand flock to hong kong's crowed beaches and after
only a few hours in the sun leave with a great tan, which lasts too; the little buggers.
i love the ocean and can frolic (frolic?!) in the waves for hours.

only 20km away from my apartment is shek o beach (石澳泳灘) on the d'aguilar peninsular of hong kong island. last weekend i hit shek o with my glow and frolicked in the south china sea.
apart from having to share the beach with hundreds of bronzed, tattooed bodied boys and girls,
my first swim for 2009 was bliss.

after swimming, sunbathing and getting my feed of eye-candy, the pizza and beer at the black sheep was just what the doctor ordered.

now that mr autumn looks less like a glow-in-the-dark-stick i'm very tempted to skip work for a day and come back here for another frolic
(i like this word!)

the black sheep restaurant info:
ground floor, 330 shek o village
tel: 2809-2021

getting to shek o:
option 1: take bus #9 from shau kei wan mtr station
option 2: take bus #309 from exchange square in central (holidays only)


Luuworld said...

if you like cold weather, norway's the country for you! lol

you should appreciate being able to go to a proper beach and enjoy the warm weather. that's something i can't do here in norway too often. and nice pix by the way. clear blue water, sandy beach, pizza & beer. sounds like my kind of day!

ps, frolick is indeed a great word! :)

world of sekimachihato said...

i love cold weather! but like you say, i should enjoy this hot muggy tropical climate while i can...

i just did some research and found out there is another beach even closer to where i live.
you might get a few more beach posts out of me yet!

mandy said...

where are the muscular men???

world of sekimachihato said...

* mandy
well yes, i was considering to put up a picture of me lying on the beach or frolicking in the surf, but you know, i don't want this blog to start receiving 100+ comments a day.

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