Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Pond

after a long hot and humid summer, the cold snap which i was thoroughly enjoying has been swept out into the south china sea...
but in its wake it has left behind some warm sunny, yet dry days, perfect for a lazy afternoon in sun followed by a walk to what i call "the pond".


hiki said...

beautiful photos!
does it ever really gets cold in hong kong? i like the hong kong weather widget you have on your blog, everytime i come here i look at the temperature and think oh how nice and warm there!

p.s. i still haven't tried the dojima roll, i came across it the other day but i thought it would be too much for me and my boyfriend to finish it all by ourselves so didn't get it :(

Luuworld said...

i'm so fascinated by all those apartment high rises. you wouldn't see these in norway! definitely not as tall and not so close together anyway. do you live in one of the buildings in the pic?

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
it gets cold here for like a month around the chinese new year (early february) when temperatures drop to around 10-ish.
as buildings in hong kong don't have any heating people need to dress up like they are going to the north pole to keep warm.
quite funny to see tourists in a light jacket while us "locals" are wrapped up in scarves and down-jackets!

oh you so have to try the dojima roll!
but i know, it's too much for two of you especially when you have to eat it on the day of purchase.
maybe you can consider it next time you visit a friends house. i know i'd be over the moon if someone turned up at my door with a dojima roll in hand!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
sometimes when i actually stop and look these towers covering every bit of space in hong kong i realize that they are kinda cool.
very hong kong.
i don't live in one of these towers but my apartment looks pretty much the same.

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