Friday, December 11, 2009

Wong Tai Sin : 黃大仙

i'm so not a tarot card, crystal ball, fortune telling believer guy, but i have a little secret up my sleeve.

i did it.

i got my palm done.
no, not some new fad to replace the male manicure, i got my palm read.

shock horror; it wasn't the first time either.

way back when i first moved to hong kong and was in tourist-mode, i visited hong kong's most famous temple; wong tai sin (黃大仙).
personally i think this temple doesn't have a big wow factor, but it's a popular temple for locals and tourists alike to pray using kau cim (求籤) or chinese fortune sticks.
(you can read about kau cim here if you are an inquisitive minded person)

but besides shaking some sticks, there are also hundreds of tiny fortune telling stalls housed beside the main temple.

like i said i'm no believer.

i'm even more weary when the guy sitting in the booth looks exactly like confucius covered in a shroud of joss stick smoke.
i loose total interest when i walk past confucius like a stunned tourist and he shouts "i give you palm read, you are lucky man mister. face read too, what you like?"

as the smoke thins out it's only then that i notice he is playing tetris on his mobile phone and has a gawdy sign pinned to his wall saying "I SPEAK ENGLISH".
i bet he has a "special price" too for the gold-haired foreigner...

but then my mind began to wonder and i started to crave to know my future (i bet there is something fishy in that joss stick smoke!)
was i going to live to see tomorrow 100?
was i going to become rich?
was i going to travel the world?
was i going to fall in love with my job?
was i going to wake up one day looking like a dior homme model?

with my brain in day-dreaming mode i waltzed right into the booth of "ms j".
call me what you like but i left her booth in shock.
the things she told me were all so true! or was it just my mind making what she had said sound true?!

anyway, just this past month i happened to be in the area again so i thought i would pop in and see good old ms j.

you know what she said.
"you, 100% have baby boy lar!"
"call me when have baby ah, i know it's boy lar. 100% sure wor~"

hang-on, ms j doesn't even know k-chan is pregnant...

after a few more scary wtf-moments she told me i won't have money problems, will live in my dream house in 12 years time, and that i should really start my own business.

now i'm praying that she really does have this fortune telling business down to a T.

fast forward a few weeks and there i am sitting in the doctor's room watching my unborn child's heart beating strong and fast (this in itself deserves a whole new post!) when the doctor says "looks like you are going to have a little boy"

now how the heck do i go about starting my own business!

*ps: our doctor said we need one more check-up to 100% confirm the sex of the baby...
i'm not giving ms j a call just yet!


b for bhisan said...

ah oh ah oh ! how much !

pascale said...

wow she is good!! jot down that booth number for me wos! haha.
a boy! well yes, let's wait till your doc is 100% sure. I once heard that depending on the angle of vision, sometimes even doctors can miss the golden piece and call it a girl. But they almost never mistake for a boy (you know why).
Now I am curious!! you have to let me know if it's a girl or a boy!!!! :D

Mary said...

excellent story :) how did you find ms j she sounds a gem!

world of sekimachihato said...

* b for bhisan
me or ms j?

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
hahahaha, well yes. i said the same thing to k-chan. actually "she" could have placed a little finger down there... so one can't be so sure.
can't wait to find out though if there is a golden piece!!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
i just got a bit of a vibe off her when i walked past her booth...
sounds a bit sus i know, but that's how i found her.
and she seemed slightly more "genuine" than the others...

Luuworld said...

how fun! i want to visit ms j too! no one's ever told my fortune so i would love to try it. it's creepy/fun if they get stuff right!
had you told ms j that you were in a relationship before she told you you were going to have a baby boy?

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
you have to visit her with an open mind, because if there is something negative in your future she is not one to "beat-around-the-bush" so to speak.
i took a friend to her once who came out in tears...

i went with k-chan so she knew about us.
told me not to keep so many secrets...

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