Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jaga Pirika : じゃがピリカ

one of my client is from japan's scenic northern island; hokkaido.
he loves hong kong and often comes here for leisure (as apposed to business).

he recently took me and my colleague out for a night on the town consisting of champagne and caviar!!
talk about spoilt! i wish all my clients were like him!!

anyway, he also gave us some special limited edition hokkaido premium potato snacks.
hokkaido is locally famous for its fresh produce from lamb to seafood to vegetables; and potatoes are no exception!

calbee's potato farm brand has released a new
premium potato snack called jaga pirika (じゃがピリカ).
jaga = potato
pirika = beautiful or good in ainu (language of the ainu; an ethnic group of indigenous people from hokkaido)

if you are familiar with japan you will know that japanese love to market produce famous to their region, and often this is a well deserved reason to pack your bags and make a domestic trip to savor the local cuisine.
these cubed jaga pirika snacks use three locally produced hokkaido potatoes which have been created into cute characters. remember, this is japan we are talking about! cute characters are a must!!

pi-kun is a white toyoshiro potato
ri-chan is a pinkish northern ruby potato
ka-kun is a deep purple kitamurasaki potato

but the big questions on your lips, what do these cute dudes (and one dudette; ri-chan) taste like?

to tell the truth i was a bit disappointed.
pi-kun, ri-chan, and ka-kun all tasted the same! (ouch, that sounds a bit pedophilic...)
but really, the three of them tasted like... well like potatoes!
but pretty damn tasty potatoes at that.


pascale said...

You know better than me when it comes to Japanese things! okay, come to think of it about a lot of other things! :)

Love you client! I wish I had one like that! haha

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
a bit of a one-off this client. unfortunately not all my clients are like this!

i have one more japanese snack post in the works for you.
stay tuned.

jen laceda said...

How do you know if the potato is a dude (or a dudette)? LOL.

world of sekimachihato said...

* jen laceda
good question!
actually in japanese honorifics are widely used.
"kun" at the end of a name usually means it's a male and "chan" at the end usually shows that it's a female.
so ri-chan (the pinkish northern ruby potato) is a girl. lol

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