Wednesday, January 20, 2010

over the counter by ARTS&SCIENCE

when i'm in tokyo i often find myself popping into an ARTS&SCIENCE lifestyle store for a bit of a browse.

i only just found out that in november of last year the stylist sonya park had opened a new concept store for ARTS&SCIENCE called over the counter.

the over the counter concept is just that, shopping over-the-counter.
the store has been designed in such a way that customers are catered to on a personal level, no doubt with the amazing only-in-japan japanese service, with a staff member introducing the products in detail and at a leasurly pace.
the products selected for ARTS&SCIENCE are top notch, coming from all over japan and the world, with most products having been hand crafted with passion.
the selection is amazing too, from clothing to cutlery, accessories and gourmet food items... the works.
a line up like this can make for a difficult decision making call when shopping (unless your credit card is doing the decision making for you...)

i think a unique concept store like this will work wonders in a city like tokyo.
can't wait to check out this new store!

over the counter by ARTS&SCIENCE shop info:
101 palace miyuki
5-3-8 minami aoyama
107-0062 tokyo

ARTS&SCIENCE stores can be found in daikanyama (代官山) and marunouchi (丸の内).
their shoes and things store and men's shop is located in aoyama (青山).
check out their website for more info.


pascale said...

I even love the some of the picts they have on their website! have you seen how they shot the socks? just they you'd find on the floor in the morning when you were little ...all wrinkled up haha

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
the photography on their website is very natural, simple, yet super professional. just the way i like it!
yup, i didn't realize socks could look so nice all wrinkled up!
awww, i so manna make a trip into the men's shop

hiki said...

I keep forgetting about this shop, I will try to go visit soon! Thank you for reminding me;)

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
you should check out this new over the counter store and let me know what it's like!
wish i could dash over to tokyo for the weekend and do it myself...

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