Friday, February 26, 2010

elements boutique resort & spa : koh samui

i'm back in hong kong now slowly wading through the huge list of unread work emails. already my vacation to the "land of smiles" feels like the perfect dream...

after bustling bangkok we took a domestic one hour flight to the chilled out island of koh samui (
ten years ago i came to this island when it still had unpaved roads and was off the tourist map.
today it has a booming nightlife, go-go bars, the golden arches, and sunburnt fat men eying up the lady-boys.
sooo not my thing.

but the tourist infested part of town is mostly located at the northern tip and the east side of koh samui island.
head south and you will soon find yourself dotted amongst small local villages which are surrounded by coconut plantations all the while under the watchful eye of a water buffalo.
so yup, we went south to a friendly boutique resort tucked away on the virgin coast in phang ka bay.
here we literally went into full relax mode, swimming, reading, drinking chilled beers in the sand, eating and surrendering our bodies to the able hands at the on-site serenity spa.

this is definitely the place to be if you need to replenish your battery.

resort info:
elements boutique resort and spa
53/5 moo 4, phang ka,
tambon taling ngam,
koh samui,
suratthani, 84140,
tel: +66 (0) 77914678


Mandy said...

wooo!! I love the photos!!! especially those with the white flower!!! (but not the one with u...)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mandy
long time no see.
i know you will copy the one of me to use as your desk top image.

pascale said...

love, love, love everything!!! :D

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
you must be talking about that last photo. *wink wink*

Luuworld said...

my god, i'm so jealous! i can see why thailand felt like a perfect dream. it looks like a dream! the beach, the sky, the fruit....and the hotel!

jeez, the hotel you stay at! you deny it, but i just know you are loaded!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
hahahaha, i'm gonna deny it again *wink wink*

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