Monday, June 28, 2010

it's official

it's 6:30 in the morning, i mean, 6:30am on a sunday morning!
only a few months back i would have been fast asleep in lala-land but nooooo, not anymore! it's sleep early rise early in sekimachihato's world.

so much as been going on in my life the past few weeks. and oh yes, it's now official, i'm a house-husband. i left the corporate world last week... such a weird feeling..., no more clients, no more fax machines, no more looong meetings, no more breakfasts at work.

my first weekend as unemployed full-time house-husband has been smooth sailing (maybe because k-chan is still at home?).
we invited over some friends whos second son; little l-chan was born three days after kou-chan. i guess you could say he is kou-chan's first playmate.

l-chan and kou-chan checking out the dragonfly

l-chan's mum kiyoko does amazing desserts and made us a yummy pear tart for the occasion. she also bought over some delicious monaka (最中) which is a japanese sweet made from an azuki (小豆); red bean paste sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers made from mochi (餅); rice cake. this one happened to be from the famous fukusaya (副砂屋) store in nagasaki.

not only does kiyoko whip up yummy treats she is also an illustrator!
we gladly accepted some of her prints which i will have to show you once i take some photos of them.

in between doing the washing, cleaning, breastfeeding, and nappy changing, i would say it has been a very house-husbandy weekend.

after some breaky i then have the daunting task of packing our bags as we are off to japan this afternoon.
normally i would be excited and rip-roaring ready to go, but i'm kinda freaking out this time as it's our first time to take on board a crying baby onto a full flight. omg...
can you please cross all your fingers and toes and whatnots for me so that we have a pleasant uneventful flight and train ride into tokyo.


Gaijin Wife said...

I'm sure the flight was fine - and if it wasn't then just click back on this post in a few more years when kou-chan is a toddler and you perhaps have another baby in the numbers. Then flying becomes really fun.

Hope you have a great trip anyway. Sure obaachan and ojiichan will love meeting the mago. Safe travels.

Oh, my word verification is whomb.

Something you've almost got!!

Life for Beginners said...

Have a safe flight to Tokyo! And Lil Kou-Chan & Lil L-Chan look so cute together... :)

Yay for househusbandry and yummy pear tarts! The pic of the monaka reminds me of all the wonderful treats I had in Tokyo... Miss Japan so much!

GL said...


gingerbee said...

I realized I haven't read your blog in awhile! ( I blame checking student papers. meh.)

Oh, oh, oh, i hope all of you arrived safe and sound in Japan, and that k-chan wasn't crying much during the plane ride!

and yey! for pastries and sweets! hehehe.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Gaijin Wife
have just updated this blog and as you will see our trip over was pretty much hassle free!
really glad ojiichan got to see kou-chan; just what he needed.

and i'm loving the food!!
i'm a sucker for shinhatsubai stuff so been doing all the taste tests!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Life for Beginners
was thinking of you as i was walking around ueno station and all those great photos you took!

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL

world of sekimachihato said...

* gingerbee
welcome back :)
love that typical "student" excuse *wink wink*

and yes, kou-chan (not k-chan) was an angel during the flight and long train ride into tokyo.

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