Monday, August 2, 2010

moral of the story; don't mix your drinks!

my best friend in hong kong is leaving so i got permission from the breadwinner of our family to escape house-husband duties for one night and hit the town.
it feels like it's been years since i enjoyed a happy hour beer in a bar...
anyway, we started out the evening by sipping chilled beers out in the blimmin hot sun.
this bar used to be my "local"; very laid back and free peanuts!
by the end of the night the floor is ankle deep in peanut shells. crunch crunch.
it's one of the few bars in the city that has a good outdoor courtyard. nothing worse than sipping a cold beer in an even colder airconed room.
beer swiftly moved onto champagne. still don't know how that happened...

champers caused us to suddenly wanna play ball, err, pool (snooker... or is it billiards?!)
pool and beer are a good pair so it was back to the pints.

on our way out of this bar we saw a sign for another bar on the 30+ floor (can't remember the exact floor due to mixing my drinks).
and no, i'm not a high school student any more!
it was a bit swanky with live music and a minimum charge (shhh, don't tell k-chan!).
back to champers and cocktails up here.
the view was pretty swanky too but by this stage of the night my camera skills were zilch. anyway you get the gist.

ended up painting the town city red until the wee hours of the morning and only vaguely remember my taxi ride back home to a sleeping beauty and a frowning wife.

wish i could post a photo of my friend, he's a splitting image of nakata hidetoshi (中田 英寿) the japanese soccer player; he has abs to match too...
if you don't know who he is google him, you won't be disappointed.

oh, stumbled across this awesome "tire art" by korean artist ji yong ho.
actually wouldn't mind one of these on my walls.
beats a stuffed dead animal any day.

* ji yong ho's work is currently on display at times square in causeway bay


pascale said...

Oops, I can imagine frowning K-chan.
Good for you that you got a night off though. :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
hahahaha, would you be frowning if mr k did this too?
yes, once in a while i think i can get away with this.

pascale said...

if you do this once in a while I think k-chan will forgive you :)
mr k? hmmm can't remember him coming back home early morning but he does come back really too late at times from drinking with colleagues... you know how it is in Japan....

Life for Beginners said...

Oh I remember a university party in Melbourne where I had just about some of every single type of alcoholic beverage present... and paid the price some hours later... Eww. :P

Luuworld said...

good for you! sounds like an excellent night out. that's the kind of fun we are gonna have if i ever come to hong kong! lol.

and i do know who nakata is. he's a hunk! i wish i was there! haha.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Life for Beginners
what!? you were a student in melbourne?! i love that city; was actually thinking to move there until my plans kinda changed.
and yup, university parties down under usually mean that you consume every type of alcoholic beverage ever invented.
i think we would have some good stories to exchange *wink wink*

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
you had better get your a** over here quick as i'm getting old and find it harder and harder to stay out until the early hours of the morning...

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