Wednesday, September 29, 2010

eating popcorn alone

feel i ought to tell you guys that this will be my last post for a while as packing up all of my worldly possessions life's worth of crap is turning out to be a huge time consumer and i just don't have time to update this blog or even read your great blogs...
juggling this move with kou-chan means that we only get to sort out a draw of stuff before he's crying out for attention. it's a slooooow process.

this move from hong kong is kinda turning out to be more emotional than i thought it would be.
everyday now we are catching up with friends to say goodbye and it really feels like the end of an era in our lives.
sob sob...
can't believe that in less than 10 days i will no longer be a resident of hong kong but one of japan.

before i forget, does anyone out there go to the movies alone?
k-chan is taking kou-chan out for lunch today with some of her friends so i'm gonna be home alone. rather than tackle the task of packing i've decided to go to the movies; alone...
i've never done this before as i've always thought watching a movie should be shared with a friend/lover etc.
after kou-chan was born the cinema has been out of the question until today.
just crossing my fingers that i won't have anyone sitting next to me to steal my popcorn.
mmm, salted or sweet or both!? oh the dilemma!

anyway guys, see you in japan!

* a recent photo of kou-chan.
god, he's just asking for trouble!


pascale said...

Kayne, remember I went to watch Harry Potter? after I met you last time? there you go.
Get salty popcorn + get coke + get chocolate.

Kou chan is adorable as ever. I know how it feels there about moving. We moved from one place to the other within Japan when my little one was tiny. Even THAT was emotional, to a completely different country is another thing!! You are allowed to tear a couple of drops when you are at the airport.

Hey, hey do beep me when you are online with msn or something, I have news for you concerning you.

Life for Beginners said...

Have a safe journey moving into your new home, my friend!

And as for watching movies alone, I haven't done that in a while but it can be a small, magical time. Solitude is the not the same as loneliness after all. :)

Lavender Playground said...

I'm suffering from separation anxiety as a week I will be leaving Taipei and going back to the U.S. and I'm finding it really hard to say goodbye. Good luck with your move!

Mary said...

oh sweetpea :)

good luck with the move. i'm looking forward to seeing your posts from japan :)

i love going to the cinema when i'm travelling. it's a nice way of taking a break from the sights and it's funny seeing how other countries do the whole movie thing.

Luuworld said...

i go to the movies alone all the time! i like going with friends too, but when i'm alone, it's more about the movie...not about socializing.

i can imagine it must be hard to pack up all your stuff and move on. sad! but also exciting! new beginnings can be nice! especially when you get to share the experience with your little family! :)

cute pic of the little guy, btw!

i'm gonna miss your posts, so please don't neglect your blog for too long.

good luck with the rest of the packing! Ganbare! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck packing. When I left America after having lived there for many years, I couldn't believe how hard and sad it actually was. I could cry now just thinking about it. So yeah, it's okay to be sad. (But hey, Japan waits for you.)

And it's certainly okay to go to movies alone!!! What's wrong with you!?! I once went to see the Exorcist the director's cut on Christmas Eve here in Japan alone. Do you know what that means? It means I was with a room full of lovey-dovey couples. I wanted to kick myself for that one. But other than that, going to the movie alone is a much appreciated experience, I think.

Your boy is too adorable.

jen laceda said...

Congrats on the move! We've moved 4x in 5 years (long story about a home renovation fiasco) and I can totally understand how looooonnnngggg and s-l-o-w the process of packing and organizing with a baby at hand (I was 6 months pregnant also during one of the moves). Anyway, just wanted to remind you to...get off your bum! stop procrastinating! Japan is calling! LOL!
Anyway, best wishes. See you in Nippon!

johnny said...

I have never gone to the movies alone but I imagine it's a totally different experience.

Good luck with the move! Where in Japan will you be living?

world of sekimachihato said...

ok, so i know my response to all of your wonderful comments are way late; but i've only just got the time now to reply. turned out to be a great experience going alone and most of the other people there were alone too.

* pascale
i remember you lining up for tickets! in the end i got popcorn (salty & sweet), a coke and a hotdog as i had skipped lunch.
i was pretty full but i think there may have been room for some chocolate too!

* Life for Beginners
thank you for the safe journey wishes; they paid off as it was pretty smooth sailing.
and boy were you right about solitude not being the same as loneliness; i enjoyed my "me" time!

* Lavender Playground
thank you for the kind wishes and i hope your trip back to the u.s was a good non-eventful one!

* Mary
was kinda surprised at the amount of people who go to the cinema alone; but your comment wow-ed me about going alone when you are travelling overseas!
i'm not sure if i have the guts to do that but it would be interesting to see how "the others" go to the cinema.
love the kiwi way; sipping on a vino!

* Luuworld
so true; more about the movie...not about socializing.
i didn't have to hold anyones hand but just concentrated on the movie; kinda a nice change.
and yup, packing was a mission. ended up with over 50 boxes to ship over to japan; ouch.

* aixxx
oh dear, going to the cinema alone on xmas eve would be a shocker in japan. talk about brave.
i've had some weird xmas eve experiences in japan too... only in nippon huh!

* jen laceda
4x in 5 years!! wow!!
change is always good but i don't think i could cope with doing it that often!

* johnny
it turned out to be a not so bad experience; you should try it, not as loney as i thought it might be. i'd do it again, but gotta pick a weekday one.
ps: i'm in nagano now but will settle in tokyo soon.

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