Monday, March 14, 2011


I seriously feel sick to the stomach that just a day before the huge earthquake and tsunami I was complaining about not having enough electricity to power-up my electric goods.
there are thousands, millions of people in northern japan who are drying because they don't have a warm blanket, they don't have any drinking water or food, babies don't even have any formular milk to drink.

like most of the world we were glued to our tv screen over the weekend watching in awe at the total devastation caused by mother nature.
we've had some pretty strong aftershocks here in Tokyo causing our apartment to creek and sway. not a nice feeling so escaped to the park for a while; try to keep our minds off things.

the government has asked for residents in Tokyo and other parts of japan to limit our use of electricity. naturally we are doing all we can and putting on warmer clothes over switching on the heater etc.
conveneience stores and supermarkets all over Tokyo have no stock of bread, water, toilet paper, nappies, and quick easy to prepare foods.
I've never experienced such shortages and it just feels so weird for this to happen in japan which has always had such a huge range off goods to select from.

power is being cut off to parts of the city in grids with limited subway/rail services too.
it was a nightmare getting to work this morning taking an extra 40 minutes longer than usual in a jam packed subway. not the best place to spend your time with all these blimmin aftershocks.

heard people talking over lunch how they had packed their cars with blankets and food and water just in case.
with a 70% threat of another big earthquake I'm gonna pack up our car tonite. don't have any water bottles because everywhere is sold out!

not a nice blog post I know.
hopefully kou-chan's photo of him at the park yesterday will put a smile on your face.


Life for Beginners said...

I really hope the 70%-likelihood earthquake you mentioned doesn't happen. It's really too scary to behold.

As for travelling to work, here's a snippet from my friend Satomi:

"This morning's power cuts created a total chaos at train stations in Tokyo. Chuo Line, a major commuter line connecting the western suburbs to the city centre, operated only at 50% of its normal capacity. A 100m queue at 7am outside the station meant it could take forever to get to office... At 12:00, I gave up hope of going to work. Seriously wondering how to get to work tomorrow??"

Hoping you and your loved ones continue to be safe, my friend... and all those in Japan.


shellie said...

if you can fill up some plastic bottles or themos of your own if you have any....dont feel bad about your complaints too much because you are obviously a decent person who can self reflect....we are all somewhat selfish at times....i hope some of the rescue agencies can start getting in there soon and help make an impact....scary situation though about the reactors...packing up the car is a good idea we actually have sneakers in ours just incase an earthquake happens and we have to walk home or where ever) we are finishing up our kit as we live in california....oh and those wind up flash lights are awesome!....and remember as each day passes those odds for a larger earthquake decrease....i hope you and your loved ones stay safe and sane with all the madness!

Luuworld said...

nice picture of kou-chan!

don't feel bad about your earlier electricity complaint! how could you have know what was just around the corner?

it does seem totally absurd in a country like japan to have the stores run out of basic goods. i almost can't imagine that happening in norway. but then again, i think it's kind of humbling. things will turn back to normal in japan, but in other parts of the world, that's normal- not having stuff in stores.

anyway, i do hope you'll be safe. 70% threat of another quake? shit. that's seriously scary.

the other day i thought about how i don't really know you or pascale, but having read/commenting your blogs for years now, you are like real friends.

you were the first people i thought about when i heard about the quake since i knew you were in tokyo (all the other japanese i know live in nagoya). so glad you are all ok and safe. :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* life for beginners
your friend satomi was spot on with what people in Tokyo had to deal with trying to get to work.
after the headache of getting to the office yesterday I "got a fever" today and took the day off.
dreading the trip into work again tomorrow.

but can't really complain, so many people are much worst off than we are in Tokyo.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Shellie
thanks Shellie.
yeah, this reactor issue is driving us all a bit crazy. the invisible danger makes it all the more frightening. news now is saying levels of radiation are higher than normal in Tokyo today. makes me wonder if I should think up a plan B just in case things get any worst.
and I took your advice and packed up my car with some supplies and blankets etc.
just trying to stay positive with all this depressing news on 24/7.

world of sekimachihato said...

* luuworld
thanks dude. I consider you as a pretty special friend too by the way, I seriously hope that one day we can meet somewhere for a beer or two (two too many maybe!!)

and yup, we are lucky to be able to have the choice in the first place of goods to purchase. seeing people stock up on things here in Tokyo made me think of all the people who wouldn't even have this choice.

I just wish things in japan would go back to how they were earlier last week; so peaceful.

Luuworld said...

yup, hope we'll meet one day for a beer (or two...or three) haha.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you in japan! hope things return to normal very soon.

GL said...

It's like problem after another but hope the quakes and other issues settle soon.

I'm just glad you guys are alright.

Plan B sounds good at the moment..

world of sekimachihato said...

* luuworld
thanks luuworld. i'm sure you can manage more than 3 beers. I wanna make sure you get drunk, I have an ulterior motive in mind (err, get you to clean my apartment lol)

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL
thanks dude.
let me know your plans re Germany too.

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