Monday, May 23, 2011

happy birthday my champ

so behind on blogging….

just a quickie to spread the word that my beautiful little kou-chan turned 1 less than a week ago.
he's now got 8 teeth and walking (albeit a bit wobbly on his feet).
man, he's been experiencing so many milestones this past month, will get to these on a later post.

so now that he’s walking we purchased his first pair of shoes; some asics; not cheap considering he will apparently have grown out of them in about 3 months, but these are designed especially for toddlers who are learning to walk. pretty important time in ones life if you ask me.

guess who turned up for kou-chan’s 1st birthday?
chi-chi and pop (the grandparents) all the way from new zealand!
talk about the power of the first grandchild!

anyway, more on that later.


pascale said...

Happy birthday Kou-chan! has it been a year already? I must say children are the perfect way to look at time. Look at them grow! and he is walking!!!! @_@

Wishing Kou-chan all the happiness he is sure to have and deserve! :)

shellie said...

happy birthday! my son had that glazed over look when we lit candles for him too. So he is walking and so fashionably of course. Welcome to the real fun now. He is too too cute and the cuteness never stops. they do keep getting more amazing as time goes by until they become teenagers at least thats what I hear:)

Luuworld said...

yay for kou chan! time sure flies! cool shoes. the little guy is trendy already! takes after his dad, huh? :) oh, and it must be nice to have your parents over to enjoy the nice cake with you :)

Life for Beginners said...

Happy Birthday, Kou-chan!!

The first birthday, and with his grandparents over to celebrate too. What a lucky boy! :D

(And those shoes! Now I'm really envious, hehe.)

Isn't amazing how you've shared his growing up with your readers too, and we've followed every step of the way? (Well most of the steps anyway.)

I wonder if Kou-chan will be embarrassed when he's a teenager and realised his childhood years are all chronicled and he's got "fans" since he was a baby! :P

Lavender Playground said...

Happy bday Kou-chan~~~~

Mary said...

bon anniversaire kou-chan!
those are some pretty cute shoes to be taking your first steps in :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Pascale
thank you Pascale!
we will have to have a catch up one of these days, can't believe I have yet to meet Leigh, an you kou-chan!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Shellie
I think it was the first time to see a lit candle and that glazed look probably meant that he didn't know if he should be grabbing at the candle or eating it. and why was it on fire? ooh, and what's fire?!

teenage years... I'm crossing my fingers already that they will go by smoothly...

world of sekimachihato said...

* luuworld
thanks luu(world).
kou-chan gets way more new clothes and shoes than daddy! but that's what we do for our kids, spoil them; even more so with love.

world of sekimachihato said...

* life for beginners
mmm, I actually did um and ah a bit about whether or not to put kou-chan's photo(s) on here but I couldn't resist. I guess one day though I might have to put a stop to it.
I can see him now when he's older giving me a blast as to why I posted his face over the web but never (as if yet) uploaded my own face...
will need to come up with a good comeback when that time arises!

world of sekimachihato said...

* lavender playground
thank you!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
hehe, thanks.
my mum was shocked as she only got her first pair of asics shoes not so long ago for tennis.

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