Tuesday, August 30, 2011

100 yen

has it really been that long since my last post?!

just a quickie as I'm on the subway going to work and therefore have to keep an eye on the "lucky ones"; as in the ones who got a seat and are currently in lala-land. here's hoping the the lady in front of me wearing too many clothes in this heat will get off soon so I can take her seat. if not it will have to be the guy who's asleep with his phone in his hand which seriously any minute now looks as if it will slide out of his grip and crash to the floor.

bugger. first major interchange station and nobody who was sitting down in front of me got off.

anyway, you're probably wondering what that 100 yen coin photo is.
well, yesterday when I went to collect my dry cleaning the lady said to me that they found this 100 yen coin in my pant's pocket.
now although there are a lot of honest people back home in nz I think this coin would have some how managed to roll from my pant pocket into the pocket of the person steaming my pants.

i was quite shocked that the coin was being returned to me and that it was found in my pant's pocket (i usually never put coins in my pocket, hate the jingling!)
after saying thank you for kindly returning the coin, wrapped up in a hand made paper envelope complete with "cute" sticker, I said
"wow, I didn't realize this coin would be returned",
to which she replied,
"oh yes, we will return coins even if it's only 1 yen. you'd be surprised what we find in peoples pockets".

I left the conversation there but it left me wondering about the interesting stuff they must find in peoples pockets.
I bet those dry cleaning ladies have some stories to tell, what with the goodies in our pockets and the stains on our pants...


shellie said...

well that is nice but i can imagine some of those stories the dry cleaning ladies must have. in my 20s i worked at a photo counter at a large retailer and there were some interesting pictures for sure. one time my friend gave the wrong set to someones wife andthe husband came back yelling and i told him if he was going to take those kinds of photos maybe you shouldnt have them developed at the same store as you develop your family photos or perhaps use a different name. i think he wanted to get caught because how idiotic could one be?

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

I wonder if these dry-cleaning ladies can tell fortunes about the lives of their customers by the stains on the pants, like reading tea-leaves? Hehe.

pascale said...

yes, talk about honesty, I have never lost anything in Japan. I mean even if I lose someone someone always returns to the nearest shop/place for one to pick it up back.

It's one of the 'must-do' they teach at school here :)

Luuworld said...

haha, i had to laugh at shellie's comment. i can imagine what you see working at a photo counter!
great you got your 100 yen coin back- but i must admit i am just as impressed by your ability to blog while on a train! i get dizzy just thinking about it :)

Anonymous said...

I remember picking up a 10-yen coin ant taking it to the police station as a 6 or 7-year-old kid. I would not do that now!

world of sekimachihato said...

thanks for the comments and I know, very late reply here, but better late than never!

* Shellie
very idiotic indeed. surprises me that people even have the guts to develop "those" kind of photos in the first place.
maybe I'm just not into the whole photo/video thing.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Kenny
I'm sure there are some pant stains that would immediately tell a story...

world of sekimachihato said...

* Pascale
yes, must admit I haven't lost anything here either.
kou-chan somehow managed to throw away his hat the other day and when we went back looking for it some people had folded it and put it in a nice little bag and taken it to the nearest shop. when they saw us return they came running out to give it to us.
glad they install such important morals and values here from such a young age!

world of sekimachihato said...

* luuworld
yeah, shellie's comment kinda made me wanna get a part time job at a photo store!
you know what?, I can't text or blog for that matter in a car (just thinking about reading in a car makes me uncomfortable) but for some reason I'm fine on trains.

world of sekimachihato said...

* aixxx
we were just talking about picking up money the other day at work. I'm no rich man but everyone was surprised when I said I wouldn't pick up a 10-yen coin on the street. I would for 50 and up.
how about you?

Gaijin Wife said...

If you're a five year old boy you might leave any of the following in your pocket for your mum to wash.

dead cicada shells
money (very perplexing given that he is five - perhaps is also a thief)
bottle tops
tampon (pilfered from mummy's handbag and obviously unknown mystery object to five year old boy)

Despite having washed all this shite I still forget to check pockets!! Glad you got your 100 yen back.


Mary said...

very impressive stuff.
& your comments on my posts always kill me! :)

Make it Easy said...

awww!!! that would have been nice to go out drinking with you in tokyo!!! you should have told me ealier! hahah but next time!! i will be back in Japan soon im sure :-)

hmm, i wonder what they find in pockets too! i have never thought about that before...

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