Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Elephant Hill Estate & Winery

another winery i visited in Hawke's Bay was one called "Elephant Hill Estate & Winery".
yup, there are many wineries with Hawke's Bay being New Zealand's 2nd largest wine growing region (2nd to Marlborough in the South Island) with over 70 wineries!

but back to Elephant Hill.
an odd name considering there are no elephants in New Zealand, and i couldn't see any hill close to the winery. it's a new winery having been only opened earlier this year by its German owners.
the location is great. it's located on the idyllic Te Awanga coast with vast Pacific Ocean views looking out towards Cape Kidnappers.

Cape Kidnappers? what kinda name is that?!

well it's a long peninsular which got its name after an attempt by local Māori (New Zealand's indigenous people) to abduct a crew member of Captain Cook's ship the Endeavour in 1769.
(thank god for wikipedia...)
it also has the world's largest on-shore gannet colony and (yes, there's more) and is home to one of the world's top golf courses (ranked 41st).

Cape Kidnappers, gannets, & the golf course

way off track now...

so Elephant Hill doesn't have the history and charm like the Mission Estate Winery, however it is very sleek and modern. there is a great sun-drenched desk to sit out on over looking the vineyards while having a few wines, or like most wineries in New Zealand, a delicious meal!

i tasted the "black pepper crusted tuna served with a rocket salad tossed in a chive oil, mustard and garlic dressing".... very light and refreshing!

i also got to sample the "
herb coated groper served with roasted potato wedges, sautéed spinach and white wine butter sauce".... just as good as the tuna!

sitting out on the deck i couldn't help but notice the trendy sun umbrellas.
under each arm of the umbrella was this grayish box like feature. it turns out that in the evenings when it cools down the umbrellas double as heaters! flip of a switch and warm air is distributed from under the umbrella! wow!!
not very energy efficient, but i'm not complaining!

if you do visit, ask to have a look at the cellar, it's beautiful and doubles and a private dining area too!
maybe good on a winters night...

the cellar

Elephant Hill Estate & Winery
86 Clifton Road
Te Awanga
Hawke's Bay
New Zealand

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