Wednesday, November 12, 2008


what's with all these pills?!

last night i went to my local GP as i felt the onslaught of a cold coming on.
there were quite a few people coughing and sneezing on my flight back to Hong Kong... i hate to think of the germs i was breathing in for 12 hours!

anyway, so with a tickly throat and runny nose i consulted my GP just before 9pm.
always amazes me that they are open so late!

but that's not my point.

my point is;
what's with all these pills?!

i was kindly diagnosed with a "mild cold". so why do i get 54 pills all divided into their little zip-lock bags!?

and it's not the first time....
every time i've been to the doctor in Hong Kong i get given this little plastic bag chock-a-block with an array of colorful pills.

unlike other countries where patients wait hours to see a doctor, here in convenient-Hong Kong it's all over in about 10 to 15 minutes!
one only waits a few minutes to see the doctor, talks to the doctor for another 5 minutes and then after waiting a few more are handed all these pills and a bill for around HK$170+.
why so cheap and why so many pills?!

so here i am taking pills 4 times a day after meals (i know, how does that work when i only have 3 meals a day...)
i only hope the doctor knows what he's giving me as i have a big weekend ahead and don't wanna be feeling down for it.

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