Thursday, January 15, 2009


i survived!!
i'm still alive and have all my limbs attached!!

ok, my first yoga class wasn't that bad...

i was flustered at the beginning having escaped from the office dead-on time and then pushed my way through the hordes of people that clog-up Hong Kong's streets
after 2 subway rides i finally made it to the yoga studio with about 5 minutes to spare.
it's fine rushing now, but in a few months when the temperature gets hot and muggy again i'm going to be ready for a shower before i even start!
so a quick change of clothes and there i was sitting on a spongy mat in a room with 15 or so girls.
great, i'm the only guy...
some guys would find this very appealing being the only guy in a room of 15 scantily clad girls, but believe me, i felt like i was warped into a women's world and felt totally out of place.
my mat felt like an island and every time i looked into one of the many mirrors on the wall i didn't see myself but instead 30 mascara staring eyes...

but then hallelujah! in walked another guy!

before i knew it i was sitting crossed-legged with my eyes closed trying to stay calm listening to everyone chanting "ooooohhhhmmmm"...
i was mouthing this chant without making a sound because knowing my luck if i did decide to join-in i would probably be the only one in the room saying
"ooooohhhhmmmm" while everyone had stopped.

but thankfully after that weird beginning we started doing what i imagined yoga to be.
lots of slow stretching movements.
i must admit if felt really good to stretch muscles that i didn't even know i had.
and that's not all! while doing the "tree pose" the teacher said that i was doing amazing well for my first time. i think i just had good balance...

"ooooohhhhmmmm"... the tree pose

all my friends said yoga is "so relaxing", and "very calming", but i think i need to go a few more times until i feel that.
i was too busy concentrating on doing-it-right let alone trying to imagine that i was sitting on top of some mountain listening to the sounds of nature (the background bird-chirping music did help a bit though)

i'm thinking of taking a pilates class next time.
it's gonna be a long time before i'm doing any fancy poses like that guy in my last post...


mandy said...

u join yoga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

world of sekimachihato said...

* mandy
yup! i'm so not flexible now...
what ever happened to your gym membership?! don't you miss your handsome trainer?!

Luuworld said...

i can totally relate: my worst fear going to yoga or any work out class is being the only male in the room! :-D

good on you for going though. keep it up!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
too many guys in a work-out class can be pretty intimidating esp when you have a "slim build" like me...

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