Tuesday, January 13, 2009


how many of you guys out there are yoga enthusiasts?
i need some reassurance...

firstly i'm not into sports where i have to attack, throttle, beat and race my opponent, but rather prefer sports where i'm doing it for my own enjoyment and benefit; like sky diving, bungee jumping or working out at the gym... all of which i haven't done before.
ok, i lie. so i do go to the gym at my apartment once in a while... not that i've gained much weight

and now i've gone and signed up for a 6-month yoga class.
OMG what have i done!

a quick search on the net and i see pictures like this:

having never done yoga i now have these images running through my head of me having to wear some skimpy shorts while a super-flexible instructor tries to wrap my legs around my shoulders and i am so not flexible! + i have still got super-sore legs and walking like a penguin from my mountainous hike.

so have i really gone and signed my poor body away to some yoga guru who plans to twist me into positions i only dream of being able to do?! WTF; girls can ignore that comment!

oh well, i plan to go to my first lesson tomorrow and physically i'm all prepared! got my shampoo and face wash all ready in their little portable containers, and picked out my attire from my huge range of sport wear... yeah right.
mentally im not prepared... hence this post.

but hey, who knows i might just absolutely love yoga and one day move to India (that's where yoga's from right?!)

anyway, stay tuned for my yoga update!


pascale said...

Yoga- I used to do that before I had Leigh. Not anymore...

It's very calming and it really doesn't feel like any other sports.
Let me know how you like it and good luck :)

Luuworld said...

yes. what have you done??? lol

it may seem a bit daunting, but stick with it. i always wanted to try yoga, but i'm just too lazy. keep us posted on how it goes.. :-D

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
yeah, yoga seems a very popular way for females to relieve the stress of being a career women (as so many HK females are!)
do you think you will take it up again one day?

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
hey, thanks for the comment!
daunting it is! i haven't had this "unknown" feeling for ages. but hey, if i came out with a sexy body like him (above) i'll be happy lol

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