Monday, February 23, 2009

Hot Sweat

i took the plunge and tried out the hot yoga class.
for any new readers (i hope there are some out there), i have recently taken up yoga hoping to gain (without too much pain) a more "toned body".

i'd heard so many things about hot yoga that i didn't really know what to expect.
some friends said: "it's such a good work-out" or "you feel so better after it".

others said: "man, it's hell" or "never again"...

compared to my first class, there were a few more guys this time.
one guy walked in, sat on the mat cross-legged and then bent forward with his stomach flat on his legs... great, i now have to bend my inflexible body into odd and sometimes embarissing poses in front of a guy who should be in the advanced class!
with that in mind i found a mat at the back of the room close to the window where i hoped it might be a little cooler. so much for that theory...
the room temperature was set at a comfortable 41 degrees c.
comfortable for a desert living lizard.

i felt sweat appearing on my forehead before the class even started!
before long my water bottle started to join me and sweat, followed by the windows.
mr flexible must have been covered in baby powder cos i didn't see any drips!

but all in all i admit, i enjoyed it.
not sure about taking this class once hong kong's summer kicks in though.
just going from one sweaty environment to another.
but if i'm really sweating out all those bad-body toxins it must be doing some good.
yet to see any "results" yet, but now that i'm back in hong kong i should really get into the swing of things and go shopping for some new yoga wear go to yoga more often!


pascale said...

I love the crossed part and the brackedted parts in your post.
Nice writing!

And good luck with the next yoga class!

pascale said...


Ca said...

Hot yoga, power yoga, water yoga (?), so many types! Always good to work out one way or another and stay healthy, but I never got to it. I think walking around and climbing stairs is enough, haha. Yes, I am lazy.

Thanks for the comment!

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
thanks pascale!
i've just signed up for a "hot-detox" class tonite!! i'm on a roll!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Ca
mmm, i'm a similar build to you, so i'm not doing it to lose weight but just tone-up and keep healthy. climbing stairs is probably good enough (and cheap!)

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