Sunday, February 15, 2009


i wrote this post a few days ago, but because i've had such crap internet connection wherever i went it's a bit over due... but here goes

after one week of eating German food I must admit i was getting a bit sick of sausages and bread… the beer was no problem though.
no offence, but i can see why people here are so “well built”. i guess it pays off having an extra layer of warmth in this cold climate.

did manage to check out some pretty cool restaurants while i’ve been here.

in front of Saint Lorenz church was an 800-year old building which used to be a storehouse but has now been made into a restaurant called Nassauer Keller.

i'm sure ghosts roam the restaurant here late at night...
apparently the duck dish here was famous so i had to order that; and i'm glad i did, it was so tender., very delicious. and all washed down with some local beer.

another night i went to a huge beer hall called Barfüßer where they brewed their own beer.
the building was built around 500+ years ago and again used to be a storehouse.
the food was, ummm, well, German, lot’s of sausages, sauerkraut, breads and various other meats. and all washed down with some local beer.

another special restaurant here on the pehnitz river is Helig Geist Spital, or hospital of the holy spirit.
as the name suggests, it used to be a hospital... for leapers. charming.
it's now a restaurant/elderly home.
the food here was similar to that of Barfüßer but i think it’s the history of the building that keeps people coming back. and again, our food was all washed down with some local beer.

and can't forget Nuremberg's famous "Nuremberg sausages in a bun".
i guess it's like the german version of the American hotdog.
for only 1.20 euro it's a great snack after all that sightseeing.

so i'm all sausaged-out.
i'm now off to Switzerland for a few days break (as work has been oh so stressful *wink wink*)
wonder if i will be all cheesed-out by the time i have to go back to Hong Kong?!


Luuworld said...

Looks like a really nice restaurant, that Nassauer Keller. hope you enjoyed the sausages in Germany. Now have some Swiss cheese and chocolate for me! :-P

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
Nessauer Keller was great (reservations required btw) and the duck was a nice change from all those sausages!!
i had a yummy cheese fondue the other night and a feast of swiss chocolates on the flight (free hand-outs!) a bit too sweet for my liking... but whos to turn down chocolate!

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