Monday, February 16, 2009

Zürich Switzerland

i so wanna live in Zürich now!
ok, so it might be a little small (compared to where i live now; Hong Kong, and Tokyo before that), but hey, it's such a beautiful city, great food (but expensive...) stylish and friendly people, trendy shops (but expensive...) and 4 distinct seasons, something i really miss in Hong Kong (we have hot & humid. that's about it; oh and sometimes the odd cool spell)

so less than an hours flight from Nuremberg i was in Switzerland's largest city; Zürich.
from first glances i could so see why
Zürich is stated as "the city with the best quality of life in the world as well as the wealthiest city in Europe".
beautiful streets, well-dressed citizens, public transport running as precisely as a swiss-made watch, and to top it all off i felt save walking around the streets late at night trying to find my simple yet very expensive hotel.
nothing comes cheap in
Zürich that's for sure.

when i woke up the following morning i was delighted to see the city covered in a white frosting of snow.
a bit of snow wasn't gonna stop me this time, so off i went to explore the city.
things run at a slower pace here and nothing opened until 10am so i was left standing outside the churches and shops playing in the snow and counting down the minutes.

the actual city itself is small and easy to walk around on foot. i could of easily jumped on one of the many trams but i preferred to brave the cold and explore on foot.

here's some of the many beautiful sights i saw:

most expensive real estate at Paradeplatz; home to the big swiss banks

Bahnhofstrasse; most expensive shopping street

Grossmünster church shrouded in snow

paying a 2 euro fee you can go to the top of Grossmünster for a great view of the city

Saint Peter; with the largest clock face in the world

beautiful shopping streets

beautiful shops!

Fraumünster church; home to the famous stained glass windows designed by artist Marc Chagall

and the sexy a** of Zürich; otherwise known as the ganymed statue at lake Zürich


snovio said...

I live in this city. The pictures are breathtaking. A refreshing read indeed.

Luuworld said...

always thought zurich sounded boring, but the pictures show a beautiful city. i wannna go to zurich!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
i had no idea about zurich before i went so it was a very pleasant surprise for me!
i think you would like it; lots of stylish shops, stylish people, nice bars etc. i'd like to be there in summer, sipping wine outside somewhere... ok i'm dreaming now!

Anonymous said...

Hontoni beautiful~~!!
beautiful ass also.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Anonymous

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