Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i have many pet-loves, or fetishes if that's what they're called.
i always feel the word fetish has sexual connotations though...

anyway, one of my many non-sexual fetishes is the weather.
i know... it sounds kinda geeky, but i love knowing the temperature, the humidity level, and the forecast for the following few days.
my laptop at home is vista so i get all excited (no, not sexually) when my little weather gadgets pop-up on the sidebar and show me current temperatures in hong kong, japan, new zealand and my next city on my travel list; which happens to be shanghai!

you've probably noticed the little weather icon i have on this blog too, just in case there are any others out there who are like me. yes?? no?...

the first thing i do every morning when i wake up to get ready for work is switch on the tv and check the weather.
it's displayed on top of the screen while bloomberg news is ranting and raving about the economy.
i'm more interested in the weather and what i should wear for the day than the prices of oil and how some big wbanker got a huge bonus payout.

but then comes the weekend, which don't get me wrong, i love!
but, there is no little weather info bar on the tv telling me i might need an umbrella, so what's a guy to do!?
buy one of these nifty gadgets.

a digital thermometer and humidity display from muji.
it's small and the design is simple enough that it's not gonna be in-your-face.
just what sekimachihato needs.
so after my purchase i went to a very relaxing cafe for a well needed coffee, and couldn't resist having a fiddle with my new toy.
pop in the batteries, yup, working fine.
current temperature in the cafe 20 degrees C with 70% humidity.
the user-guide is pretty simple, i mean it's not like there are any buttons to push.

huh? what's this?......


....................... huh?!

....................... wtf!

temperature variation: minus 9 to +50C.
ok, should be no problems there.

humidity variation: 20 to 95%
er, hang-on, i live in hong kong!
most of the year the humidity here is like 98%, next day 99%, if i'm lucky it will go down to 97%.
so now i have this cool little toy that's gonna be stuck on 95% every blimmin day!

ok, think positive!
at least i will know what to wear, or should i say, i least i will know what not to wear and that i should walk around naked living in a country that's so humid.

this is a photo of my apartment:

see that mist stuff hovering over the top of the building, that's humidity!
it's not a cute rain cloud or even a bit of hong kong's ever increasing smog, it's 100% wet, damp, mold growing, hair frizzing humidity!

welcome to the world of sekimachihato...


Luuworld said...

haha, that's so nerdy!!!! i don't share your obsession, but i can relate and understand why you're so into temperatures and the weather. it really is fascinating.

ps, nice thermometer from muji. muji daisuki da yo! (i can read and write kanji, but i can't write it on my laptop...) we have muji in norway, but the range of products is tiny. my big wet dream is that a huge muji store will open in oslo.

pascale said...

Am I a nerd too? I loved your post! one of my favorite amongst all the posts! (okay I am a geek).
Can I tell you some scary thing? if you ever get used that humidity, next time you change your home city you will find everywhere is too dry and your nose feel like it will bleed from dryness any moment...just like I do here...

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
no, i didn't think you would share this particular obsession with me.
hey, i hope you get you w*t dream soon
*wink wink*

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
yeah! join my nerdy club! you can be the 2nd member! especially if you are gonna give such nice complements on my blog!! (thanks!!)

oh really?! at least the one good thing with this humidity is that your skin is always moisturized.
mmm, when i go back to japan in winter i always get really itchy skin bcos it's so dry... oh the problems of deciding where to live! lol

curly said...

Oh fancy that mr hato, I confess to being a weather obsessive too... So much so that I will risk being busted sporting nothing more than a tiny towel in the living room by my flatmate to get my morning fix of the weather trix...
PS wet dreams in norway - quite fascinating I must say ;)

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