Tuesday, March 24, 2009

two girl brand - 雙妹嚜

a humid airstream from china brought us
lot's of fog and drizzle over the weekend.
i was in a "party! party!" mood but thanks to the weather it put a damper on my friends and everyone decided to stay indoors... at home.

so yippie skippie, guess what i decided to do?
stay home, clean my apartment and watch dvds.
not such a bad idea except that when i plugged in the vacuum cleaner it started to splutter and fill my apartment with a lovely electrical-burning smell.

since i've introduced a few of my fetishes in my last couple of posts i'm gonna add one more to the list.
yup, i actually enjoy cleaning, especially doing the washing (as in hanging-up clothes, folding and ironing them).
i know, i know, i'm your dream husband/boyfriend right? *wink wink*
as i was all geared up and ready to uncover those few stray dust particles, you can imagine how disappointed i was when my vacuum cleaner decided to move on.

so off i went in search of a new vacuum cleaner!
weather wise it was the perfect day to spend wandering around in a shopping mall.
or in a museum!

hang-on, does hong kong even have a museum!? (unfortunately hong kong is lacking behind the rest of the developed world as far as museums and art galleries go...)

however after a quick google, i found out that the hong kong museum of history was also close to one of hong kong's largest shopping malls (700+ shops).

with only a HK$10 entry fee for such an amazing museum i was shocked that i hadn't made a visit here sooner, or at least when i first came to hong kong 5 years ago.
i'm not really into history, but it was very cool to learn about the history of different parts of the city and culture which i take for granted on a daily bases.
like the "two girl brand" (

for a few years now i have been using the two girl brand's florida water as a home perfume.
after cleaning, a few sprays of this on bed covers, curtains, sofas etc and it leaves your home with a soothing, refreshed aroma.

little did i know that with every squirt i was actually keeping alive a small part of hong kong's history.
i'm not gonna bore you with a history lesson, but i found it interesting that the two girl brand
was founded 111 years ago for local chinese. back in 1898 the cosmetics for sale in hong kong were only affordable to the british expats living here, so mr. fung fook tien (the founder) found a gap in the local market and the two girl brand was born.

the two girl brand has a bit of an odd interesting product line with everything from sun block to health foods, stationery, toothache fluids (wtf?!), cough syrups, and hair tonic.

if you're interested you can find many of their products at different stores located throughout hong kong (often at cheaper prices than the flagship store).
here's the flagship store address anyway:

The House of Kwong Sang Hong Limited
shop no. 207-208, causeway place,
hong kong mansion, nos.2-10, great george street,

causeway bay
tel: 2504-1811
open: 12-10pm

oh, i ended up buying a pink vacuum cleaner (seriously it was the only color left in the model i wanted) which i then took to a trendy roof-top bar where K-chan and i drunk wine until the bar closed.
so if anyone out there saw a guy sipping wine and baby-sitting a pink vacuum cleaner, it was me.


Luuworld said...

haha, i love the sight of you next to a pink vacuum cleaner and drinking wine.

two girl brand! wow- how super cool! love the aesthetics of the picture too. gorgeous.

Note to self: *google "two girl brand + visit flagship store if ever in HK*

world of sekimachihato said...

oh yes, the pink vacuum cleaner was the must-have accessory at the bar. i so should have been drinking champaigne instead of wine to top off my look.

warning: if you google "two girl brand" you may find a lot of "two girls" (as in girl-on-girl) pics before you ever get to this historical hk brand...

pascale said...

I am glad you like it too!
and yes, the brand was there forever! and now I know why :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
so you are a fan of this too!
i once went to a spa and they put a hot towel (おしぼり) on my face and it smelt so nice.
when i asked what it was they said they soaked the towel in the two girl brand's florida water. i was hooked ever since!

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