Friday, March 27, 2009

The Organic Farm - 豊之谷有機農荘

K and i love vegetables!
our dinner usually consists of a fairly large selection of vegetables prepared japanese-style (as K is japanese), and sometimes, not always, a small proportion of meat.

so you can imagine our delight when we found this website offering hong kong produced organic vegetables! and! delivered directly to our apartment!

you see, due to the lack of space here, most vegetables sold in hong kong are grown across the border in china and unfortunately are drenched in toxic chemicals.
not sure if these stories reach your shores, but there have been a fair few scary incidents uncovered.
we had industrial grade salt being used to pickle vegetables, the news that 30% of vegetables in hong kong had
banned chemical residue on them, cancer-causing melamine used in eggs to make the yolks look more yellow, and the most scary one being soy sauce made from human hair!! wtf!!
the chinese government banned soy sauce being made from human hair in 2004. about blimmin time!

so you can see why we were jumping up and down with joy.
it's not that organic vegetables aren't sold here, it's just not easy to get them.
some supermarkets are now selling organic foods, but with a huge markup.
the only other choice is to go to the organic farmer's market (see my old post here).
but to have fresh vegetables delivered once a week to our door... i mean who could resist!

so when i arrived back to my apartment my lovely security guard handed me a bag full of earth-smelling yummy vegetables! they only deliver vegetables which are in season, which i think is the way to go anyway, so in the goodie bag was juicy tomatoes, half a pumpkin, oddly shaped sweet carrots, crunchy lettuce, a bent eggplant, an erect leek, and a zucchini.

didn't find any bugs living in my lettuce yet (always a good sign that it's organic!) but the taste... the taste!
i forgot how sweet vegetables can taste.
reminds me of my granddad's home grown vegetables. nothing like a bit of love huh!

wonder what goodies i'll have in my next bag?!


Young Dinosaur said...

Interesting comment about your food relation with China. Thank you from Canada!

pascale said...

I thought bugs live in organic vegies coz they are free of chemicals.... other way round?

world of sekimachihato said...

* Young Dinosaur
thank you~
yes, we have to be extra careful what we consume in this part of the world. i can imagine organic vegetables would be quite the norm in canada.

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
yup you're right!
if the bugs are munching on it it's gotta be good for us as well!

Luuworld said...

cool. organic veggies taste good! ...and soy sauce made from human hair??! that's the most disguisting thing i ever heard! shame on whoever makes that!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
nothing beats organic veggies! this last week i've been eating yummy leek & potato soup, pumkin salads, and zucchini & tomato pasta.
talk about healthy!

i know, human hair soy sauce... sick.
but then again, china doesn't surprise me often.

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