Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i persuaded k-chan to forget about the office, customers, and work in general and take a day off with me to enjoy a bit of us time.

i had planned to go to one of our favorite cafes for a good cup of coffee and a bite to eat, but when we finally arrived it was closed!
it's at the top of a steep hill, followed by a flight of steps so i guess they don't get too much foot-traffic. it's more a word-of-mouth cafe which is why i like it in the first place but to be closed on a weekday was a bit of a shock!

with 90%+ humidity all i could think about was stripping off naked getting into an aircon blasted room but decided against going to one of the cafes nearby that do sh*t coffee and walked another sweltering 15 minutes to my second cafe choice: classified; the cheese room.

personal opinion here, but i think classified doesn't do the best coffee, however it does have a nice feel about the place.
this style of cafe can be easily found back home but pretty hard to come by in non-coffee cultured hong kong.

so with work out of our minds and our bodies in relax mode, k-chan and i sat down to a nice brunch of pumpkin and ginger soup, salami, tomato and mozzarella cheese toasted panini, and a duck breast penne pasta.

they also have a nice range of exquisite goodies for sale ranging from sweets to raw honey to top grade tea. not to forget their even better selection of cheeses in their temperature and humidity controlled cheese room alongside a fully stocked wine stellar.

all rested-up now ready for another day at the office.
man i wish i was telling you the truith...

shop info:
classified; the cheese room
108 hollywood road
sheung wan


Luuworld said...

the interiors of the places are nice! i love hanging out in cafes, and these look pleasant! good thing you put the address there. i'll be going there if i ever come to hong kong :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
nothing beats relaxing in a nice cafe with a good coffee, some interesting magazines and fine people to watch (i love people watching!)

if you come to hong kong, check out this cafe if you wanna escape the hustle & bustle. it's not far from a nice little temple too.

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