Saturday, May 30, 2009


couldn't help but take this snap shot of these kfc delivery bikes on my recent business trip to china.

china is not known for it's clean-green-image but i must say this is a move in the right direction!

there are more kfc outlets in china than the golden arches, but i heard that even ronald has launched into the home delivery market starting with the 14 million people living in shanghai.
not sure if they too are using peddle bikes like kfc though.
judging by the pollution i saw in shanghai i doubt it.

i have heard rumours that scooters are banned in some china cities because they are often used by drive-by bag snatching thieves.
mmm, wonder if they we thinking about the environment after all when these delivery bikes were introduced...


Luuworld said...

great concept, those delivery bikes!

i love kfc. we don't have it in norway, unfortunately. i love fried stuff, especially chicken. mmmmm. which reminds me, i need to go to the gym now so i don't become a fattie from eating all that fried stuff!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
wow, i can't believe there is no kfc in norway! i so thought they had taken over the world!!
i'm not a fan for kfc, always feel disgusting afterwards.

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