Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Cape Cod

aw god... i think my current read (confessions of a shopaholic) is doing some damage.

not only have i been spending my hard earned cash willy-nilly on frivolous things during the past few days, i'm now contemplating if i should splash out and buy a new watch strap.

"a watch strap" you ask?

surely buying a watch strap isn't really considered splashing out!
well it is when you are in my shoes! (nice leather ones by the way!)

you see, around three years ago i made my first luxury watch purchase.
no i didn't... i lie.
k-chan bought me this watch. my first purchase came two years later.

anyway, i've been telling the time with this elegant hermes cape cod watch.

i feel in love with this as soon as i saw it.
but thanks to hong kong's lovely humid climate wear & tear, my poor hermes watch strap has taken a bit of a beating and it may just be about time for a replacement.

that is until i went into the hermes store, which is conveniently located in the same building as my office to "check out the prices".
the very stylish shop assistant calmly handed me a simple strap saying that i might be interested in this alligator strap for my cod.
oh lovely, and how much would that set me back?
that would be HK$4400 (US$570)

oookkkkk, i'll just put that one back on the little tray...
hope my fingers were clean!
definitely a good time to promote "save the alligators"!

i think he saw the bead of sweat appear on my forehead because he then showed me the cheaper, standard leather straps which hover around the HK$1300 mark.

i don't batter an eyelid at forking out this amount for shoes, or bags, or anything larger than a "strap".
i know good things come in small packages and all that, but really, who does their pricing? after all it's only a blimmin watch strap.

so do you think i should wait until the end of summer when the leather-killing humidity dies down or just splash out now and get it over and done with?

please do not suggest that i buy any old strap...
imagine what that little mr hermes could do to me with those wings of his...


GL said...

you should make your own!

Luuworld said...

i've heard you can make great straps by knitting! haha. just kidding.

in my opinion you should wait till the end of the summer.

1) there will be less humidity
2) you might change your mind
3) anything good is worth the wait- and you'll appreciate it even more..

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL
hey smarty pants! just because you design watches for a living, doesn't mean anyone can just make one.

but surely you have some "contacts" in the watch world?! can't you pull some strings (or whatever needs pulling) and score me a new cape cod strap!?

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
what a scary image... mr sekimachihato sitting on a sofa knitting a watch strap!
but i think you're right... i should wait until winter! (especially now that i've just done a totally spur of the moment booking on the internet... stay tuned)

pascale said...

looks like you made up your mind! I think... you should wait a little too if this is something that makes you wonder what you should you do.
Wait a little, your wrist won't fall off.. hehe.
And who knows?! may be there will be a little sale somewhere during of after the summer? (Okay, there may not be any sale at Hermes store but at some other watch stores? at duty free? it's HK...)

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
are you sure my wrist won't fall off?
mmm, there's always a good sale on here but naturally never at hermes...
oh well, i'm gonna spend all summer on the hunt!

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