Tuesday, June 9, 2009


one of my many monthly treats for working ever-so-hard is stocking up on my favorite magazines.
nothing beats sitting down with a good magazine, some relaxing music and a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine depending on the time of day)

fashion wise i love reading japanese magazines.
being of a "slim" build i find it so hard to get pants that fit. shirts are a nightmare with sleeves too long and dropping shoulder seams. you'd think that living in hong kong i'd be right in my element... unfortunately not. for men there are basically two markets, the made in china; wear-me, wash-me, throw-me kinda clothes or the lets make an appointment with the financial planner before going shopping kinda clothes...
the so called "middle" market is just non-existent!
so for me japan is a shopping paradise.
i can get clothes which fit and although it does involve stretching the finances a little, it's still do-able.

so after flicking through the pages of one of my favorite japanese fashion magazines i decided i needed a few extra additions to my summer wardrobe
i gave my wallet a good thrashing and bough a cool panama hat, some super sexy nautical inspired leather sandals followed by a spur of the moment belt purchase.
(i have a belt fetish... more on that another day...)

feeling on a roll, i dragged k-chan up to bar red at the base of hong kong's tallest building (where batman recently jumped from) to sit outside in the fading afternoon sun and have a few glasses of wine with me.

don't you hate when your on your 5th glass of wine and realise you would of been so much better off buying the bottle! oh well....
nice a nice way to end the day listening to the dj do his stuff with the sun in our eyes and a sea breeze in our hair.
oooh yes, and a bag full of goodies!

red bar + restaurant info:
shop 3082, 4012-18
4f, two ifc, 8 finance street
tel: 8129-8882


Luuworld said...

i share your love for japanese fashion magazines! i love magazines in general, but the ones from japan are top notch.

and WOW, what a chic bar! so cosmopolitan and glamorous! i wish i could go there. oslo is good....relaxed and down-to-earth. but what i wouldn't do to live the chic hong kong / international lifestyle for a couple of days! you have it gooooood!

ps. next time buy the bottle right away. come on. who are we kidding?! lol

pascale said...

oh~ what a nice place!
One good thing about HK.
Cool places pop from no where all the time :D
Thanks for sharing a good spot.

Keep that wine coming :p !!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
i can't throw away my beloved magazines so i have a whole bookshelf full of them! i even have some 1994 mens non-no magazines back in storage at home!

now that you say it, i guess hong kong is pretty cosmopolitan and (sometimes!) glamorous.
so yes... i should just buy the bottle to go with the lifestyle!! can i send you the bill?

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
it's amazing how places can pop-up here, do really well one week and then the next week they're gone!! i found this cool little restaurant here that served amazing food and when i went back there with a friend it had closed down!! on the good side of things at least hong kong is never boring!

oh yes, don't need to tell me to keep the wine coming, it's one of those "musts" in life.

Luuworld said...

i wish you could, but i don't think my almost empty visa card would like it very much. but perhaps we can go dutch! lol

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