Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clear Water Bay : 清水灣

after more than one week of constant rain you should have seen the grin on my face last weekend when i woke up to a sunny morning.

feeling vitamin-d deficient i decided to strut my stuff and check out another one of hong kong's beaches.
after a bit of googling i found out that i could easily reach clear water bay (
清水灣) in less than 30 minutes from my apartment.

clear water bay has two beaches with very straight forward names; 1st beach and 2nd beach...
like many beaches here, both beaches are protected by shark nets after a spate of fatal attacks. i grew up swimming in beaches without fancy protection nets, but i have come to prefer this feeling of safety. my biggest danger would be getting run-over by a buffed-bronzed lifesaver on his paddle boat.
so anyway, my mini bus stopped at the 2nd beach so this is where i sat down my glowing body for the rest of the day.

although clear water bay 2nd beach is not very big, it had a nice relaxing feel to it mainly because it was minus the muscle-flexing poser-type guys and bikini-clad giggling girls. actually there were quite a few people who had come alone just to soak-up the sun's rays and enjoy the warm water.

after a good frolic in the waves, we walked to the 1st beach about 10 minutes away were i nearly stood one a huge snake blocking the path!!
sh*t! that could have been the end of mr sekimachihato!

1st beach had a bbq area which was packed with rowdy teenagers...
not really my scene since i've been there-done that, so back up the hill to the 2nd beach for another frolic.
2nd beach has a little kiosk selling hong kong favorites like fried noodles and fishballs.
for hk$30 i got a cold beer, nine fish balls and three shumai (

clear water bay just could be my new weekend hang-out spot!

getting to clear water bay 2nd beach:
option 1: take bus #91 from plaza hollywood in diamond hill
option 2: take mini bus #103 from kwun tong ferry pier
option 3: take mini bus #103M from tseung kwan o mtr station


pascale said...

You are so lucky to have a beach close by!!!

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
yes! i didn't realize this beach would be so nice and so handy!
it's raining on and off here today but i'm hoping it will clear up for the weekend.
i'm beginning to become a bit of a beach bunny!

Luuworld said...

hey there you beach bunny! cool to have a beach thirty minutes from your house! and the beach looks really nice too. hope you plus k-chan get to hang out there a lot this summer :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
thanks Luuworld. hong kong summer is super long so i still have plenty of time to work on my tan and do a bit of frolic-ing.

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