Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Chedi Phuket

i didn't think it would be so difficult having to come back to the reality of riding jam-packed subway trains to work and slaving away in an over air conditioned office!
oh if only i could rewind my life back one week... it's hard to imagine that only a few days ago i was frolicking in the warm andaman sea and sipping back tropical cocktails.

i don't wanna sound snobbish, but to tell the truth i had no desire to visit thailand's largest island; phuket.
from what i'd heard about phuket it just didn't sound like my kinda place; an over-developed island catering for the typical sun-burnt tourist who needs their starbucks for breakfast, macdonalds for lunch and some cheap thai girl (or maybe a lady-boy) for dinner. phuket just screamed tacky in my books.

but having had won two nights accommodation at the upmarket chedi hotel, k-chan and i decided to check out phuket just to be sure.
we decided everything very last minute but had an amazing five days doing nothing but relaxing and soaking up the thai sun.

the chedi was divine...

"surrounded by azure waters of the andaman sea and the tranquil coast of pansea beach, the chedi phuket is the gateway to a tropical island paradise. thatched cottages sit cosily under a canopy of coconut groves, where landscaped slopes gently descend to meet a private stretch of sandy shore. the appeal of the spacious cottages is further enhanced with private verandahs, secluded sun decks, and handcrafted teak floors." the chedi phuket

even though it was super hard to pull ourselves away from this little slice of heaven, we did manage to drag ourselves away and visit phuket town (a waste of time), check-out some local restaurants at a few of the nearby beaches (delicious cheap local food!) and squeeze in a day cruising around the islands which dot the andaman sea.

if you want to braid your hair, drink away the nights at some seedy bar, or buy a few "genuine" nike t-shirts, phuket is the place to be.
i know i will only be back here when i can afford to stay somewhere secluded and relaxing as the chedi.


Luuworld said...

excuse me, but who doesn't want to have their hair braided and hang out at seedy bars on their holiday?! i just got back from london and i certainly got my hair braided in a seedy bar! lol

the hotel you stayed at looks divine. * urayamashii * i love hotels, and have yet to stay at an upmarket hotel like that....

ps- you won two nights? you are certainly one lucky guy! :-D

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
i hope you got your nails done too with little tropical flowers on them! that seems to be the "in-thing" to match your braided hair.

this resort really was divine! i'm a sucker when it comes to attention to detail; from the personal i-pod beside the bed to the fresh flowers, handmade cookies and lemongrass tea delivered daily.
i don't think i could ever get sick of that!

Luuworld said...

wow- personal i-pod and fresh flowers?! i need to stay at a luxury hotel! and to think i was happy with clean towels and a made bed at my hotel in london!

pascale said...

Oh my!!! Chedi in Phuket is my favorite place!!!!
(how I wish I could go back!!)
But I am so happy now that another person I know enjoyed Chedi :)

Just love love love the place!!
It must have been extra nice when you dodn't expect anything nice :D

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
As long as the bed is "clean" then i'm happy to sleep anywhere! anything other than that is a bonus!

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
that's so out of it that you have stayed there too! the location is amazing and the attention to detail perfect.
did you buy some fresh coconut juice from the friendly ladies selling it on the beach?

let's hope that we both get the chance to visit chedi again! either in phuket or any of their other resorts dotted around the world.

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