Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dojima Roll : 堂島ロール

i'm having withdrawal symptoms...
after the delicious cakes and pastries i enjoyed at the four seasons, my body is beginning to crave for something sweet again.
i've always had a soft spot for sweets, as long as they are not too sweet. anything sickly sweet and i get turned off like a heater in summer.

my current crave is for dojima roll (堂島ロール)

friends in japan had been telling me how i had to try this cake next time i was in japan.
so during my last trip i went to upmarket ginza and joined the queues with immaculately dressed wealthy housewives.
yup, this is japan... when there is a product boom here, it's a big boom.
the weekend queue is said to be around 45 minutes and the cake is often sold out by noon.
now that's scary!
but after a 20 minute or so wait i finally had my hands on a dojima roll cake from mon chou chou.

made with a secret blend of hokkaido fresh cream, this cake is extremely simple; yet amazingly divine.

if you're in japan, join the queue! it's worth it.
only three stores in tokyo stock it: mitsukoshi department store (nihonbashi or ginza) and tokyu department store in shibuya.


hiki said...

thank you for your friendly visit and a comment on my blog! I've been hearing about this 堂島ロール but have never tried it. odakyu department store is not in shibuya but shinjuku i guess? if it was in shibuya i can easily get it though. hmmmm very curious!

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
thanks for your comment!
and thanks for pointing out my mistake... i meant to write "tokyu" (fixed it now)

next time i'm in tokyo i will be sure to check out some of the places on your blog!


hiki said...

oh so it IS in shibuya! what a great news! i go to tokyu all the time but i never new that dojima roll is sold there.


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