Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Live With 954 People

can you find my room??

living in a 53-floor high apartment building with 6 apartments per floor (hang-on, let me get out the calculator... i hate math)
let me see... that's 318 apartments in total.
let's say an average of 3 people per apartment and that's a whopping 954 people!
then considering my complex is made up of 17 towers, that's about 16,218 people!! wtf!!
with that many people living squashed together you would think it would be easy to "meet people".

noooooo! far from it...

i don't have a clue who my neighbours are...

you'd think that us neighbours would "bump" more often but we don't.
i do have a few little facts up my sleeve though:

the apartment to my left has a kid who shouldn't can't play the violin.
oh, and they have a cat too who i sometimes see sitting near the window.
i'm scared it's gonna jump one day thanks to that screeching violin.
actually jumping cats and dogs are not a rare event in hong kong. seems they can't judge the height and distance to the ground. poor things.
i blame violins.

i've also seen their filipino maid a few times.
she gets up at the crack of dawn (as maids do) and is often cleaning the windows when i finally get out of bed and go to the kitchen for my morning class of water.
i see her cleaning as i try to cover up all those bodily bits which tend to stand-up in the morning (hair!! i'm talking about my hair!)
hope she can't see me.

although if i can see her....

now to the other side.
i have no clue who lives there, but i do know they have a dog.
at exactly 11pm every night they take the dog for a walk.
i hear the elevator arrive and the dog bark.

the dog's either scared of the elevator or can't wait to get outside after being cooped up inside an apartment all day.

oh and someone on my floor likes to drink beer.
once a week they put out all their empty beer cans. i couldn't think of anything worse than saving them up. i'm a bit fussy when it comes to rubbish and like to put it out daily.
hong kong's ginormous flying cockroaches freak me out big time and i'm not gonna leave some leftover food (or beer for that matter) out for them!

our floor must look like we are all alcoholics with the amount of wine bottles i dispose of + those beer cans!

you know, moving into this apartment i had visions of meeting some young cool trendy people (no, i'm not really that shallow...) and inviting them up to my pad for drinks or the odd dinner party.
this is obviously gonna stay as a vision unless i take up violin lessons.
and i don't see that happening anytime soon!!


Luuworld said...

wow, the hk highrises are fascinating! my appartment building is five floors! cool post by the way. i'll have to do one on my building some time. it's interesting how we don't see our neighbors even if we live so close to each other. I hardly ever see mine. luckily no one plays the violin :)

must be frustrating if your neighbors can see you. esp if your hair (?) stands up in the morning!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
when i was a kid i really wanted to live in a highrise, now that i'm "older" i really want my own "house" (with a garden etc!)

surprised you don't know you neighbors!!
i thought they would be lining up for drinks on that awesome balcony of yours!

lea said...

hey, really enjoyed reading this post! i like your humourous writing style : ) and it is so hard to comprehence all those people living in these towers! i once stayed in shanghai for about one and a half month, and it was on the 37th. floor of a tower like yours...a strange experience, all i could see when looking out the windows was a forest of highrise buildings like the one i was in. did like shanghai a lot though! a magnificent city! would love to go to hong kong once!

world of sekimachihato said...

* lea
thanks for the comment!
yeah, it does feel like i'm living in a forest of highrise buildings!
i went to shanghai earlier this yeah, also a buzzing city! but very different to hong kong.

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