Thursday, October 29, 2009

FOGBAR : シュッとして、クシュっとする

four japanese guys in swanky british clean-cut suits with a beatles inspired look.


the recent hype (well in japan anyway) is all about shiseido's latest edition to their uno men's hair product range; the FOG BAR.

after spotting the colorful yet uniquely simple product design in magazines, then hearing some pretty good feedback from friends in japan, and finally seeing the same four models actors on the cover of the long-running men's non-no magazine i had to get my hands on a FOG BAR.

since it's not yet released here in hong kong i sent my order away to k-chan's friend who will be coming over from japan tonight. fingers crossed she didn't forget my little order...

now that the pre-autumn winds are whipping up some power, it's perfect timing to try out a new hair product that will hopefully keep my locks in place without looking like a ken-doll.

check out the quirky tv commercials for this product here on youtube if you dare.
be warned, the tune is catchy.


Luuworld said...

very cool ad- i love the way it makes london look so retro hip! and that tune sure is catchy. i'm already humming it to myself at my desk at work. lol.

but the product itself: besides having a funky name- isn't it just a regular hairspray?! anyway. let us know if it works wonders for your hair :-D

GL said...

Ah, i saw this when i was in tokyo 2 months ago. Was tempted to buy it but somehow the Oden at the counter had me pinned. Then it just slipped away the whole trip.

Let me know how it goes!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
i would have loved to have seen the faces of londoners as this ad was being shot!

no no no no no!
you can't call it "hairspray"; shame on you! lol
apparently men's hair products in japan are in a new defining transition; back in the day it was hairspray → mouse → wax and now it's fog (i guess it's more like a "mist")

rushing to get ready for work this morning i was too chicken to try my new FOG BAR just incase something when drastically wrong.
will give it a shu-- this weekend.

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL
mmm, i know what you mean about counter-oden!
i so would have just done both and chucked in a magazine and some shinhatsubai candy for good measure!

b for bhisan said...

i saw the shoot/behind the scene/commerical ad of these.

great styling and the mood ! awesome.

world of sekimachihato said...

* b for bhisan
where did you see the shoot?
i'm a bit of an eita (瑛太) fan so i envy you!

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