Monday, November 2, 2009

Spring Deer : 鹿鳴春飯店

i was in the mood for a bit of deer.
you know, the long slender legs, big innocent eyes, prancing proudly through the foliage.

yeah right.

i wanted some spring deer. as apposed to autumn deer?.

god knows where the name came from, but spring deer is actually the name of a peking duck restaurant here in hong kong.
if you can figure that one out i will shout you a beer.

i did a post on this historic hong kong favorite a while back (you should check it out here, no, your really should) but it deserves another bash.

unlike last time, i booked in advance so there were no doubling-over with hunger pains business before digging into some duck.
speaking of duck, you have to be a bit careful where you ask for duck in this part of the world.
if you ask for a "duck" in some triad controlled back ally of mongkok you will get just that; some mongkok.
yup, a duck or an "ap" (
) is also a rent-boy.
but don't worry, the meat served here is all duck.
the quack quack kind.

oh, be careful where you ask for chicken around here too...

but since my blog isn't rated with a content warning page let me get back to the food.

decided to go for one of the four-people set meals for $700.
either we all have very small stomachs or they served up way too much food because although everything tasted amazing we could have feed a small army with our left-overs...
in my previous post on spring deer i ranted and raved on about how one should have shark fin soup, but this time we decided to give it a go.
i've had it before but i think the shark fin soup at spring deer is the best so far; however i still don't agree with this dish even existing in this day and age!
but very tasty and obviously popular with the amount they were dishing-up at other tables.

i'm not that fond of cold platters but this one actually went down pretty good; especially with a cold beer!
it consisted of celery, brightly colored no doubt cancer causing orange tofu, beef tongue, bamboo shoots (maybe), beef, and crunchy jelly fish.

added to our set the
yummy egg white dish (賽螃蟹) which was a bit hit last time we dined here.

and of course peking duck (
not a dish that you would wanna eat on a daily bases, but always good once in a while.

next up was a dash across the fragrant harbour to LKF.
nope, it's not some underground term for a mongkok back alley.
stay tuned.

you can find the spring deer restaurant details on my old post.


pascale said...

This kind of good food at this price is only available in HK...well only in countries where most people are Chinese :)

I really miss it all!! you naughty boy!! you made me want to go back to HK again! right now!!
haha :p

GL said...

damn haven't been there in a while.

careful with the chicken indeed.

Luuworld said...

hello food post! lol nice name for a restaurant! i like peking duck- when it's good, it's REALLY good. but i've tasted some bad ducks as well, and that's no fun. and i must say: that egg white dish looks a visually challenging, but if you say it's delicious, i trust you! (what does it tast like, i'm curious!)

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
you're right about that!
i took some friends from japan to spring deer and they said they said it would be just about impossible to eat peking duck for that price, especially a good tasting one like spring deer!

next time you come back to hong kong you should check out this place.

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL
you definitely need a "rubber glove" when handling chicken in hong kong...

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
mmm, wonder if those bad ducks you tried were the quack quack kind?

i know... the egg dish does look like something that has just been regurgitated up, but it actually tastes pretty good!
what does it taste like?
it has a kinda soya/ginger sauce mixed in with it along with dried scallops, so it's kinda savory. very light too, as it only uses egg whites.

hiki said...

ohhh peking duck!!!! i love peking duck but i haven't had it for god-knows-how-long!!! hong kong seems to have all the good food that I would loooove. i surely will be reffering to your recommendations if i ever get to go there ;)

by the way, there is a famous goverment guest house called 鹿鳴館 in tokyo. I wonder if this place has anything to do with it?

lea said...

i crave chinese food! mmmm peking duck!

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
peking duck seems to be a dish that you either love or hate. since you are a fan, i would recommend this restaurant if you ever are in hong kong. it's a bit of a step back in time; but this just adds to the charm.

that government guest house got it's name from a chinese poem. (i looked it up!)
maybe this restaurant takes reference from the same poem!?

world of sekimachihato said...

* lea
are there any good chinese restaurants in your part of the world?

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