Thursday, November 5, 2009

LKF : 蘭桂坊

i guess you could say LKF (lan kwai fong : 蘭桂坊) is hong kong's hip and happening club-infested expat hang-out drinking area.
it's a great starting point for happy hour drinkies before the steep climb (hong kong's quiet hilly...) to soho where you can find the more "mature", trendy arty bars.

after thoroughly enjoying my duck (yes, the quack quack kind!) we decided to check out LKF especially as it was halloween!

(i feel kinda stupid posting this like a week after halloween... bear with me on this one)

i really wanted to dress up this year but i knew i wouldn't be able to handle the stares from the old chinese folk at spring deer followed by even more stares from the masses of people on the subway heading over to LKF.
i'm such a chicken.

on exiting hong kong island's central station we literally walked into a wall of halloween trick or treaters.
and this wall of people wasn't moving fast...
on a normal day the hop skip and a jump to LKF takes what, like a minute max.
not on halloween, that's for sure!
after 60 minutes of being prodded with plastic pitchforks we decided to give up...
we were not even half way to LKF!

being the back alley expert i am, i rounded up my hot, sweaty, alcohol-thirsty friends and led them through some dodgy streets up into soho where we finally managed to find a quaint little bar for a well deserved drink!

here are some sights of halloween in hong kong.
excuse the quality, my hand was a bit wobbly from one to many drinks...

even smurfs have bulges here in hong kong

the guy on the left actually gave me that rubber condom...


Luuworld said...

wow, halloween has truly gone global. funny to see people dressed up in hk. love the smurfs! when i was a kid we didn't celebrate halloween over here, but now people are dressing up like crazy. what did you dress up as? oh and i can't believe the crowds. unbelievable! makes me claustrophobic and stressed out just by looking at the pics!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
halloween sure has gone global! i kinda thought it wouldn't take off here because you can't even go trick or treating in high-rise congested hong kong!
this year i didn't dress-up... but i sure will next year!

i think you would look good as a smurf! add a bit of extra padding for good measure!

GL said...

kickass Smurfs. No PapaSmurf!? He woulda been pimp.

I can't stand the crowd though. I tried once and never did again. You shoulda dressed up it woulda been funny. I dressed up once and went to dine at a Yakiniku-ten and freaked the waiter out. She like 'EEEEEEEK!". Oogesa ni.

Maybe try next year!

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL
no smurfette either!
ohh the crowd! it was seriously like walking in a sauna amounts these revelers!
so what did you dress-up as last time?
must have been something pretty good to get an oogesa remark from the waiter.

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