Monday, January 25, 2010

Cafe Corridor

it can be a real nightmare to find a quiet place to chill out in any of hong kong's shopping districts, but i'm gonna let you in on one of my little hideouts.
not only does this my hideout have a chilled atmosphere, it also serves up some of the best coffee on hong kong island; maybe even in hong kong.

cafe corridor could be easily missed as it's hidden down a corridor opposite to causeway bay's busy times square.
the cafe itself is pretty small compact so at times you may be out of luck for a seat.
(the entrance is small and just to the right of the levi's store)

when all the seats are taken you could consider to sit outside in the little courtyard out the back, but unfortunately because it's surrounded by hong kong's trademark highrise buildings it feels a bit like you are sitting in the bottom of an elevator shaft. not a nice feeling in the heat of a hong kong summer...
i guess it's a good enough reason as to why this little alfresco space hasn't been "developed" as such.

but cafe corridor isn't really about the interior or the atmosphere. it's all about the coffee, and felex (the owner) has a great appreciation for coffee! he has obviously trained his staff well as the quality of the coffee is spot on.
if you are into "coffee art" you won't be disappointed as cafe corridor does some mean milk-art. it doesn't really float my boat but i see many people getting all clucky over a cute teddy bear, a kitten, a flower etc.
i got a "heart" on my last visit; nice to know that one of the young staff members has a crush on me.

oh, and if you have a rumbling tummy don't despair as they also have a good selection of cafe goodies.
can't go wrong with their pasta dishes!

(i must tell felex this) i only have one gripe... i wish they has some good magazines on their rack.
old chinese gossip magazines give me itchy feet.

cafe info:
cafe corridor
ground floor, 26a russel street
causeway bay

* opens at 12 so don't turn up for breakfast!


pascale said...

you do know 'good' coffee!!

gingerbee said...

Ah, I'll try to hunt this place down when I go to HK sometime. It really is nice to go and find little places like these rather than crowd yourself in Starbucks. As for coffee art, I'd say Meh. As long as the brew's good, then we're all set aren't we.

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
i need a coffee to kick-start me in the morning so i'm always on the search for a good cafe to get my fix!

world of sekimachihato said...

* gingerbee
yes, please check out this cafe next time you are in hong kong, it's an easy place to go alone too which is an added bonus (if you are alone...)

hiki said...

this place looks nice too! "no people" in the photos hey! ;) i hate being in a cafe where it's packed with people. i'd definately refer to your recommendations when i go to hong kong!

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
i got in just after the cafe opened so it was nice and peaceful. as you can see there was one other guy (his jacket is on the chair) but he was ordering some food.
we don't have "trendy" cafes like you do in tokyo, but this one does a pretty good brew!

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