Friday, January 29, 2010

Made in Hong Kong by Wei Yit

with hong kong being just across the river from the world's largest factory (china), it means we don't get many "made in hong kong" products.
while out on one of my adventures (yet again) i found this cool retro "made in hong kong" flask.
i was a bit confused with the arabian style camel-in-a-desert logo paired up with a "made in hong kong" stamp.
the old man in the store couldn't speak much english (apart from the prices of things!) so i didn't get much out of him.
i really should be saving money for my little one (baby that is), but i gathered i could also be a trendy dad having a picnic in the park using this retro flask.
a purchase well justified don't you think?

a quick search on the internet and i now know what's up with the camel.

"Wei Yit Vacuum Flask Manufactory was founded in 1941 in Hong Kong by some local enthusiastic industrialists led by the Leung family. They adopted the logo "Camel" because of the animal's ability to sail though harsh conditions. The founders accepted that the company would have to do likewise throughout its development and adopted such a logo as inspiration."

mmm, so now i just need the picnic set and a big rug!


pascale said...

Lovely flask, trendy daddy!
Yes, it will come handy in many ways!
If you had hot water in it, it will even provide for your baby's milk.
So it's well spent money :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
i"m glad you appreciate this find of mine, but i'm too scared to use it on my baby to be!
at least daddy (man that sounds strange!) will get plenty of use from it, one day.

Celine said...

I don't know much about hong kong, but I was born there. And this flask reminds me of the time I was there. My grandpa could have had one.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Celine
your grandpa most likely did have one of these, it seems like back in the 40s and 50s they were all the rage here in hong kong.
wei yit is now the last vacuum flask maker left here, i hope they can "sail through these harsh conditions"!

Anonymous said...


They are still making flasks here in Hong Kong, infact they have a new factory premise on at San Po Kong off Prince Edward Road East. You will see a large gold painted logo of the the Camel on the G/F. It just by the old airport!


Katherine Ho said...

Camel flak is the best made in Hong Kong product. It is reliable, and most of all, it means care and love. People use this to bring food and soup to relatives who are in hospital, mom put the best food in it for children to bring home, wife keep the dinner warm when husband has to work late. Daughter brings home made lunch to the factory and save the money for the family. Grandfather can get a cup of hot tea all the time. Great products and I am still looking for one to buy.

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