Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Petisqueira : 葡國美食天地

crossing over the macau-taipa bridge brings you to the island of taipa (氹仔) with it's quaint taipa village.
but just a short hop skip and a jump takes you to the cotai strip (inspired by the las vagas stip) which is an area of reclaimed land filling up quickly with huge casinos and high-end hotels.
i just so hope that taipa village will not surcome to the greedy gambling empire!

hidden down a little side street on taipa is one of my favorite portuguese restaurants in macau; "A Petisqueira" (葡國美食天地)

while ordering some of our favorites, k-chan said to me she wanted to have "pipis" which is the maori word for clams (no, k-chan doesn't speak maori, but it seems like this word was picked up while travelling in new zealand).
our portuguese waiter heard her say "pipi" and immediately said "yes, we have the pipi on the menu tonight".
mmm, something didn't feel right.... i mean, what's the chance that a portuguese guy would speak the exotic south pacific island language of maori?

my inkling was correct, out came a plate of odd shaped meats.
"errr, we ordered the clams..."
"no no, you ordered the pipi, pipis de galinha"
"pipi de what?"
pipis de galinha. in english you say chicken giblets, no?"

as we are both not big meat eaters, the bits i would normally throw out giblets didn't go down too well...
at least i could wash them down with some nice portuguese red wine though!!

k-chan got her clams in the end!

restaurant info:
a petisqueira restaurant and bar
15 rua s. joão
taipa village, taipa island
tel: (853) 2882-5354 (reservations required)


pascale said...

OMG.... the food looks so good :D
So K-chan has no morning sickness? Good for her!
Love your photos again!

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
luckily she doesn't! but she said she feels sick when she's hungry.
note sure if she is trying to pull one on me there!!

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