Sunday, January 3, 2010

Macau City : 澳門

happy new year everyone!!
hope you all saw the new year in with style;
free flowing champagne, good company, and hugs and kisses all around!

my first post of 2010 is set in both the first and the last european colonized city in china; macau.
when k-chan's mum was over from japan we decided to take her across to macau.
being only 70 minutes away by high-speed ferry, it's a great place to get away from hong kong and soak up the portuguese-chinese mix which makes macau so special.

casino's don't do it for us so we spent most of our time strolling down the back streets of macau,
eating way too many macanese delicacies, and checking out the world heritage sites dotted around the city.
macau has 30 world
heritage sites so you're bound to stumble across one.

some sights from macau.

crispy pork buns, a must have in macau!

interesting mix of chinese and portuguese

portuguese inspired tiles

post boxes

macau-taipa bridge

almond cookies

ruins of st. paul's church

door bells

another must try; warm macau egg tarts


Luuworld said...

macau seems beautiful. especially the old bits you photographed. i'm sure there are some less charming super modern parts there too. anyway, the crispy pork bun looks nice (you know i loooove crispy (fried) food....haha. and look at those delicious egg tarts. yum!
though those doorbells look a bit dangerous. looks like you would get electrocuted if you ring the bell...

Mary said...

happy 2010!
it's nice to see beyond the casinos in macau.
i usually stop off in hong kong when flying back to nz and next time i think you've inpsired me to have a look at macau :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
macau does have a lot of modern infrastructure going-up all over the place, but at least the government in macau protects it's heritage some what so the old macau can still be enjoyed by us seekers!
you feel like you're in heaven when you try one of these egg tarts in macau... amazing!
and that crispy pork bun is the perfect "snack" after walking down the many back streets.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
if you have a stop-over in hong kong you can always do a day trip to macau. there is even a ferry which goes directly to and from hong kong's international airport. pretty handy!
oh, and no visa's required for us kiwis!!

hiki said...

happy new year sekimachihato!!
you know what? this post of yours has almost decided our next travel destination! macau- now on top of our list.
wonderful pictures. arigato!!!!!

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
happy new year to you too!
really? i helped put macau at the top of your want-to-go list!?
in that case, let me do a post on a good restaurant there too. stay tuned!

pascale said...

Happy New Year!! This year is a going to be a special one for sure with the baby coming and all! :)

I love your photos. I must ask, what camera do you use?

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
happy new year to you too!
yes, this year is all about change, that's for sure! but really looking forward to it (see if i will be saying that later in the year when i'm tired from exhaustion!)

this trip i took along my nikon d50 and my ricohflex which i have yet to develop the film.

pascale said...

Thanks!! I have to consult you when I get my next camera :D

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