Thursday, March 18, 2010

wishing you a good morning

this week i'm killing two birds with one stone.
oh you all know mr sekimachihato would never actually kill a bird, i'm actually doing my little thing to protect hong kong's fu*ked up environment and save money at the same time.

up until last week i used to buy a coffee and breakfast every morning from a horrible chain-store cafe near my office.
(in hong kong it's the norm to eat your breakfast at the office)
not going into too much deep thought on this one, with that single purchase, wham-bam, i had used a paper cup, a paper sleeve for my cup, a plastic knife & fork and a paper bag to put it all into.

but from this week on i've decided to wake up a few minutes earlier (i get to see the sunrise from my kitchen window ↑) and grind my favorite coffee beans from mr ho at olympic graeco egyptian coffee.
my home brew then goes into the prefect sized flask for my man-bag and stays piping hot until i arrive at the office.
to top it all off k-chan spoils me yet again and makes me a delicious toasted sandwich to enjoy with my coffee.
chuck in a banana and i have the perfect on-the-run breakfast.
oh, and i only used a small square piece of glad-wrap and a coffee filter (which was already made from recycled material) in the making.

hey, and check out my good morning towels.
these soft (thin) towels can be found all over hong kong and i have had my eye on them for a while. i finally picked some up at my local market. god knows what i'm gonna use them for but i think they look kinda nice in that old-
kitsch chinese way.
these gems have a long history too, originating from a company established in china way back in 1912!
the words "祝君早安" (read from right to left on the towel) mean "wishing you a good morning".


(and don't ask me why they have "96" stamped on them. could it mean these particular towels were made in 2008; 96 years after being established. mmm)


Luuworld said...

good morning! that breakfast looks nice! i wish i had someone to make me a sandwich. you're a lucky man! funny how you eat breakfast at the office over there. don't you get hungry on the way to work?
i like the towel, btw. but then i'm a sucker for all things a bit kitschy.

oh well. i better jump in the shower, have my breakfast (at home) and get to work! :-D

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
oh yes, it's morning over in your world. i've had my lunch and now feel a bit sleepy... thank god for cubicles huh! *wink wink*

hang on, how the heck do you find time in the morning to check out blogs (my blog everyone!) before you get ready for work? amazing...

and yes, i'm ravenous by the time i get to the office. i often wonder if the other people standing near me on the subway can hear my stomach rumbling...

hiki said...

Great thing you are taking your coffee in the flask! It is getting kind of a "trendy" habit here but I really hope everybody starts doing it :)
And I love that good morning towel!!! So cute! I will make sure to look for them if I ever go to HK.

Good morning to you!

gingerbee said...

GOOD MORNING TOWELS! We have those here. They're called bimpo. I had another use for them when I was a kid. I could be nun, a woman with long hair, and even a horse with that towel. Heehee. ;D

It's good that you're taking small steps to help mother earth and enjoying your coffee. :)

pascale said...

Environmental friendly!
How thoughtful! and you are making your own breakfast! good boy!

love your towel! :)

Mary said...

god bless you for using the words 'glad wrap'!!! i dunno, it's those little familiar kiwi words you slip into your posts that make me feel less than 1000s of miles away from home!

it's nearly impossible to get a take away coffee in montpellier!!!
it's one of the things i love about living here.

love the towels too :)

Luuworld said...

i have this morning ritual where i refuse to get out of bed immediately- i bring my lap top to bed, check the news, and of course my favorite blogs! :-D

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
yes, my friend told me about this "my-suitou" boom in japan. i'm all for it, if it helps the environment in same way then it works for me!

if you really want some of these good morning towels i could send a few across to you. over here they are used as 雑巾, so the quality is nothing amazing.

world of sekimachihato said...

* gingerbee
"bimpo". what a cute name! what does it mean? (hope it's not "rag")
do your good morning towels also have the number "96" on them?

hahahaha, when we were kids such a simple object could give us so much entertainment. i wish i had that kid-like imagination now.

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
yes, i am a good boy when i want to be *wink wink*
does koichiro-san also take a coffee to work? my little flask is from japan and it's the perfect size for my morning coffee.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
i totally forgot that "glad wrap" is a kiwi word. what does the rest of the world call it? cling wrap?
when i lived in japan i was surprised to hear the term saran wrap. who the heck is saran? lol
how often do you get back to nz?
i wish i could go back more often but i can only make it once every two years or so...

and no take away coffee in montpellier?! now that's something to be proud of! i can imagine you have some amazing cafes over your way.
i so need to live in a coffee-drinking culture...

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
what a great ritual you have.
just hope your morning w**d is gone by the time you get to my blog *wink wink*

(god, did i really just type that...)

gingerbee said...

bimpo is a general term for small towels(towelettes?), and although the good morning towels aren't exactly small, they are still considered as such. :)

I just went to check on the good morning towels we have, and the one I found has 2000 printed on it, as well as the Black Nazarene. I think they gave it away during some religious fiesta. Haha.

And we use the term, saran wrap for cling/glad wrap. :D

Mary said...

it's cling film in the uk.. it doens't conjure up the same sense of joie de vire as glad wrap does!

i try to go back every year but it's been 18 months since i was last there. it's just such a long way and soo expensive. i love planning trips home, as they always involve great detours!

Life for Beginners said...

We have those Good Morning towels in Malaysia and Singapore too. I think it's part of the Chinese diaspora experience, no? :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Life for Beginners
thanks for all your comments.
from china to hong kong, to the philippians, malaysia and also singapore! gotta be chinese diaspora!

you are a writer?!
oh no... i'm sure i have terrible grammar and punctuation.

Luuworld said...

actually, reading your blog in the mornings is a great way of getting the morning wood to go away, cause your blog is quite different from the other blogs i read...haha :-D

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