Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pages, pages and pages

i have a dilemma on my hands.
hope you can spare a minute to read this and even better, offer me some advice.
first things first, i love magazines.
nothing like the smell and the feel of a new freshly printed glossy magazine.
don't you love that feeling when you peel open a page and know that you are the first person to separate those two pages.
ok, maybe i'm getting a bit carried away, but i'm sure many of you out there can feel what i feel.

on the weekend we got fogged out again (yes! again!) so i sorted through my magazines to make way for colorful baby books.
but now what to do with all these old magazines??!

surely there is a better way to put these to use rather than chucking them out with the trash (only to be stolen by my neighbor! it happened before...)
i seriously have no space to store these well-loved magazines...
would i be crazy to waste my weekends away slicing them up and pasting my favorite looks into a big scrap book? or is that something that only girls do?!



gingerbee said...

Well, you could cut out your favorite looks. No harm in that. ;P

Or, do you have those second hand stores there? You could probably sell them. :)

I once had the OC-ness that when I pass by the book store or second hand store, I needed to buy glossies. Hehe.

Mary said...

i'm the same with hoarding magazines!

when i left the uk i sold a lot of them on ebay & amazon . maybe there's a similar online site in hong kong where you could sell them ?

pascale said...

MY fav. mag is Martha Stewart's Living. And funny you should mentioned this because I just cleaned my room big time and realised I got too many of them but I cannot possibly just chuck them away.

I also happen to read another cooking mag and this is what I do. I just tear the pages that I cannot let go (well I use a cutter) and place them in a clear file booklet.
I guess this is a problem if you have too many fav pages though!

by the way, I love your basket full of pretty colorful baby books :D those small ones are the first ones your baby will really look (and read?) :D

Luuworld said...

i love magazines too, but recently had to get rid of a whole bunch. i gave them to a friend of mine. don't you have any magazine crazy friends?

if not, why not just let your neighbor steal them? isn't it better that someone enjoys them? or is your neighbor a psycho who doesn't deserve your magazines? lol

btw, i like your scrapbook idea. if you have the time, why not? it'll be great to flick through! and yeah it is kinda gay, but who the fuck cares?! gay is ok! haha :-D

world of sekimachihato said...

* gingerbee
mmm, a secondhand book store...
will have a look into it.
looking at my stack, its scary to think how much money i have forked out for these glossy magazines!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
yes! we have a hong kong-version ebay! (although i think it's all in chinese...)
anyway, i will have a nosy today. maybe i can make some cash (to buy "new" magazines!)


world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
i have tonnes of home living style magazines too, none of them in that stack though! those ones i can't bear to through away...

you like my baskets?
i bought these while i was in thailand. i would have loved to buy some bigger ones but there was just no way i would be able to get them back to hong kong.
oooh, and i will remember to pull out those small books first!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
mmm, come to think of it i have a few magazine-crazy friends, but i doubt they will come out to my apartment to pick them up. way too heavy. (and i'm not gonna cart them very far...)
maybe i should just let my neighbor steal them. second thoughts, nah. they don't even say "hello" when we bump. they are so not getting my magazines!

i might try to sell some and scrapbook the others. no harm in bringing out my gay side. lol

famapa said...

I had to the exact same thing before oomoo came along (my vice is interior mags). I had years and years of magazines and thought that I would pull out the interiors I liked. looking through I realised that most of them had dated really badly and they weren't worth keeping or scrapbooking. also, there's so much inspiration out there online which doesn't clutter up our home!! the mags went to the recycling dump in the end - hundreds of them!

world of sekimachihato said...

* famapa
you were in the same boat that i am in, and under the same circumstances too (little one on the way)
i have tonnes of fashion and interior magazines and you bring up a good point, i guess some of the "looks" are now long gone and not worth saving.
i'm trying to hold on to all magazines from july 2009. k-chan is giving me very stern looks...

Life for Beginners said...

Those colourful baby books are too cute for words! :D

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