Tuesday, July 20, 2010

atelier de fromage : アトリエ・ド・フロマージュ

halfway up a hill not far from k-chan's home is a small factory which was the first place in japan to produce fresh cheese.
although this area is more famous for it's grapes and walnuts
the owner of atelier de fromage says that it is also the ideal location to produce cheese.

we were stupid enough to come up here too soon after a big japanese breakfast (grilled salmon, rice, pickles, miso soup and natto for k-chan) so were not feeling that peckish.
instead of having lunch at the restaurant we decided on sharing a pizza at the cafe.
the pizza was simple; how pizzas should be, a thin crispy base topped off with japanese mushrooms, bacon, and cheese. atelier de fromage's selling point is obviously their cheese, and boy, they know how to make a good cheese!
i opted for a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice using local apples (i was driving so no beer for me...) and k-chan choose atelier de fromage's award winning rich yogurt drink (she's breastfeeding).

couldn't resit tasting their blueberry ice cream on the way out and also ending up buying some more of the yummy yogurt drink and their award winning camembert cheese apple pie.

this apple pie apparently won the silver award at this years international monde selection ceremony held in brussels. i'm a sucker for things like this.
the verdect: i can't say it was the best apple pie i have ever tasted but it was pretty outstanding. the pie itself was heavy (in a good way) jammed pack with local shinshuu apples and handmade camembert cheese. such fine qualities obviously reflected in the price at 2,520 yen a pop.

all in all pretty satisfied.
if you are in the area it's a nice place to chill out; the air up here is so fresh and the location is great with panoramic views overlooking the southern alps and nearby grape vines.

next time i'm gonna save some room for their cream puff! mmm

shop info:
atelier de fromage
504-6 mihari
tomi city, nagano 389-0501

cafe hours: 
10am to 5:30pm
open all year

formaggio restaurant hours:
11am to 2:30pm (lunch)
5pm to 9pm (dinner)
closed: tuesdays (except in august)
access: 9 minutes by taxi from shigeno station on the shinano rail line

tel: 0268-64-2767


Lavender Playground said...

Everything looks so good! Oh I would love to try the apple pie, your description of it sounds so good.

Mary said...

looks a nice chilled place and those ice-cream puffs...!!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Lavender Playground
yes, their apple pie was great, can see why it won an international award.
next time i will try to check out the restaurant instead of the cafe. might have some more delicious surprises!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
it was a chilled out place, kinda shocked me to find such a place out in the middle of nowhere. in all the years i have been coming to this area i never even knew this place exisisted!

pascale said...

You got my attention just with the word 'fromage'!!
Everything looks soooo good :D

Gaijin Wife said...

yum yum and more yum. Yay for a Japanese pizza without broccoli or potato salad on it. That looks so good, and ditto the ice-cream.

Mandy said...

the apple pie!!! look so attractive!!! i miss japan ><!

gingerbee said...

again with the food post! hehe!

and like pascale, i just needed to see fromage and nothing else. i'm a sucker for cheese and good thin crust pizza. mmmmmmm...

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
fromage fromage fromage!
we all love our cheese!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Gaijin Wife
hahahaha, i was also like wtf when i tried pizza in japan way back in the day which was "german-style" with potatoes! just weird.
and this "soft" was delish, very 濃厚!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mandy
i bet you would love this apple pie as the cheese was mixed into the cake mix. really really good!

world of sekimachihato said...

* gingerbee
do you get good thin crust cheesy pizzas over your way?

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