Wednesday, April 6, 2011

teething time

i now have my family back with me in tokyo and our little apartment is back to the noisy way it used to be.
things have calmed down here in tokyo so i feel it's safe for them to be back but it's always good to know we have places to escape to if need be whether they be in japan or overseas.

kou-chan is teething again; he's getting his 7th tooth coming through.
our friend who has a toddler 1 month older than kou-chan still doesn't even have any teeth! i guess each toddler has their own little schedule in place.
he's also zooming around the room (and i mean zooming!) pushing his wooden chu-chu train thingy (thanks ojii-chan!). it seriously won't be long now until he can take his first step without the help of something semi-solid to hold on to.

not only is he now extremely mobile but he is also picking up little tricks.
the other night i clicked my tongue at him to make him laugh and he picked it up straight away and now laughs and laughs when he clicks his tongue. at this age they are really like a (cute) sponge, soaking up everything around them.
can't believe that he will be 1 years old next month... think we will have to hold a little party for him (this is normal right?!) with his first cake (and a few drinks for the adults too!)


Luuworld said...

wow, how kou-chan has grown! it's fun to see him growing up through your blog. funny how kids are like sponges. my newphews are like that.

good to hear that things have calmed down in tokyo! are the shops fully stocked with goods again?

shellie said...

How fun! Nothing beats a teething a way you are lucky his teeth are coming in so early that way the teething should be over sooner....jack didnt have any teeth until after he was one last october! Arent they hilarious when they copy something you do? But not always like when they pick up your swearing ...well it kind of is but its not right that i have to constantly explain that swearing is for eighteen year olds.How ridiculous i must look and sound to my four year old daughter?....just wait until he leaves hidden treasures for you to find later. Those are very exciting finds. Im glad to hear your family is back with you and yes one always needs drinks at the kiddies birthday...we dressed jack up cowboy style....its always good to dress them up in a ridiculous mannner when they are babies it will provide much comic fodder for later when they need some humiliation when they start talking back!

world of sekimachihato said...

have to be careful though when they are in this sponge stage. for some odd reason my mum taught him how to cough when we were back in new zealand and even now he will do this fake little cough to get attention.

the shops here are much better than they were.
still very hard to find bottled water, batteries and yogurt. seems like the factories where these goods are manufactured were badly damaged by the tsunami.

world of sekimachihato said...

* shellie
guess you are right about how it's probably for the best that he is teething so early. but as you will know it's so hard to watch them when they are obviously uncomfortable and in pain and there isn't much you can do about it. we bought one of those teething rings that you can put in the fridge to cool but he's also in the "throw everything on the floor" stage so not much luck there.

I talk to my wife in Japanese so don't have to worry about the swearing as of yet (Japanese doesnt really have swear words like we do in english) but I'm gonna have to be on guard around my friends. english can be that much more colorful and powerful with the odd f**k and sh*t thrown in here and there.
so what's the worst habit your kids have picked up?

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words.

world of sekimachihato said...

* aixxx

shellie said...

hheheheh....well they have picked up eye rolling from their father.I loathe eye rolling. My daughter drops the s bomb every once in a while thats all my fault and i get eye rolling from my husband when that happens. She also puts her hands on her hip and purses her lips the way i do too when she becomes irritated. Well besides eye rolling the boy is like your son and just mimicks little funny sounds and expressions right now and phrases like lets go. Its funny and horrifying to see yourself in their personalities at times...dont worry your time for it will come soon enough but he will be so cute sometimes its hard to get mad....well its always hard to get mad.

Life for Beginners said...

Oh he's growing up so fast! :)

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