Thursday, June 30, 2011

a wos first

I haven't hit the update button on my blog for ages, and it's only because I don't carry my camera around with me to take any photos nor (hate that word "nor") do I have the time to ever upload a new post.
as I've mentioned before, my only free time these days is while I'm commuting to and from the office or while I'm in the bath.

so here comes a wos first.

I've decided I'm gonna do a post a day for the next week no matter what.
even if I come down with malaria or loose a finger you are gonna see a new daily post right here.
it will most likely be updated during my commute because I don't trust myself in the bath with my iPhone.
mind outa the gutter. I don't wanna drop it into the bath.

but be warned, photos will be taken on my phone so don't expect any snazzy pics and the posts will be relatively short; I'm often not in the mood to blog while in a jammed backed subway carriage.
and don't expect any random photos of sexy people I see during my commute, we can't turn off the iPhone's camera shutter sound for Japanese iPhones. I think thats because there are too many creepy men going for the knicker shot.

anyway, here is kou-chan waiting for his lunch at "cafe;haus" in toyosu last weekend.
cafe;haus has a very relaxing feel to it, a nice outdoor courtyard for bbqs, good hearty food and some eye-candy staff. happens to be across the road from lalaport so you can get your shopping fix too if need be.

oh yeah, I can only upload one photo from my iPhone to this blog so don't expect a daily barrage of photos.

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shellie said...

mr.sekimachihato you made me laugh and im not sure if you meant to be funny. you need a vacation and more drinks and i certainly hope you dont catch MALARIA???? plus you have an iphone so of course your pics will be snazzy use the instagram app. ireally dig the 70s one. The boy looks so cute and happy. oh and my mind is always in the gutter.

world of sekimachihato said...

* shellie
I wasn't trying to crack anyone up but I'm glad I made you laugh. and you know what, a vacation would be great! might have to seriously look into escaping somewhere this summer.

glad to hear your mind's in the gutter.
we all need to go there from time to time; some more than others. yeah, join the club!

Luuworld said...

haha, oh shellie (and wos.) nice to hear your minds are in the gutter! mine is too, but SOME of us are looking at the stars! :) LOL!

anyways, yay to daily posts! don't worry if they are short- short can be good!

i like the thought of just posting random/short posts. sometimes it's refreshing not having to spend ages writing a post .

world of sekimachihato said...

* luuworld
don't get me wrong, I can be in the gutter and look up at the stars at the same time *wink wink*

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Here's to being in the gutter and staring at the stars... I second that notion!

And I need to get an iPhone too and take snazzy instagram pics... would save loads of time on Photoshopping my photographs. :P

I'm off to read the rest of your W.O.S. Week of Posts! :)

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