Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday rant

it's only tuesday but I'm already having "one of those weeks"...

mornings (and evenings) have become a battle field at home.
k-chan has started back at work so now kou-chan is going to kindy during the day which thank god he seems to be loving. he's a social little butterfly that boy, so absolutely loves being around people and other kids.
apparently he's got a friend; itta-kun, who he loves so they get into all the toys and have a right wee party.
I pity the teaches who have to try to get him settled for his afternoon nap. he's not a nap-boy. I mean, come on, who would wanna nap when you have all those cupboards to explore!

anyway, two tired adults having to get ready in the morning with an energetic kou-chan running around is not an easy task.
it so doesn't help that some bright spark at my work thought it would be a good idea to bring the office working hours forward 30min to help save electricity (as you may have heard we are having a slight power crisis over here).
having to get up that much earlier just makes it that much harder. really should be going to bed earlier but hey, things don't always go that well in the evening either.

man it's warm.
I'm on the subway with very warm air conditioning, might as well call it a heater. just love how the guy's suit next to me is sticking to mine in this warmth.

can see I'm a tad negative today. shouldn't really be putting this in here but just need somewhere to vent some steam.
if you look closely I probably really do have steam coming off me. yippie, bring on summer and air cons set at 28!
shouldn't really be complaining, poor people up north have it worst than we city folks do.

yesterday I went to the automobile association to get my nz license translated as I have to reapply for a japanese one.
can't believe they charge 3000 yen to literally translate my name, country of issue and a blimmin license number!

ok, enough. enough.
nearly time for me to change lines.
would you believe that the next line (hanzomon line) is a tad warmer than this one...


shellie said...

hot damn get that man a cocktail and quickly:)

Luuworld said...

haha, i agree with shellie!

wow, you blog on the train? good use of time even if it's hot. i always complain about the weather over here and bitch about the cold. but it must be crappy with TOO hot weather too.

anyways, it's nice to get some frustration out there. in my experience just writing about it helps. afterwards it doesn't feel as bad.

hope you have a waaay better day tomorrow! * virtual hug*

world of sekimachihato said...

* shellie
make that a triple shot and in a extra big class. no ice either, the more alcohol the better!

world of sekimachihato said...

* luuworld
yeah, all my comments I leave on your blog are done going to and from work.
if I could get a seat I'd sleep but that's outta the question. reading a book is hard because it's a tad to cramped and English books are way too big and heavy compared to Japanese slim lightweight ones.
so yup, leaves me to blogging and people watching.

thanks for the v.hug too; kinda needed it.
going out for drinks tmr night which might put me back into the right frame of mind.

pascale said...

Not a perfect day is it?
Sometimes it happens... argh,,,

You are so lucky to have a happy baby at the kindy.
Even a friend!! That's a good thing!! count your blessings! :D

Though I do pity all men in suits trying to go to work and back... and it's not going to get any easier from here on... wishing you all the luck and cool air you can get.

I agree with shellie too, you need a drink!

pascale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gaijinwife said...

Ah, early mornings getting ready for work with small people under foot. When Shou was only 4 months I had to be up and leaving the house with him to drive 1.5 hours to work, via dropping him off at kindy and giving him boob. Glad those days are over. Now at least after I have the three balls of fire off at kinder I can sit back and drink a full a cup of coffee. You'll find your stride soon (and just when you do and you think its manageable again you'll be having another baby :p)
ditto on the beverages.

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Egads. The summer heat. That can be awful. *hugs*

Great usage of your commuting time on the train though... People watching oughta be more fun in the summer as folks peel off the extra layers... ;)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Pascale
no, I'm not having a good day or a good week for that matter. kou-chan's now come down with a high fever so was up all night trying to keep him cool and insert the odd bullet in the bum.
hope he feels better today...

world of sekimachihato said...

* gaijinwife
I had better find my stride soon...
kou-chan now has a high fever (40.2) so it's not making things any easier.
I often wonder how you manage, one's hard enough.
but kids are super cute so I can see why one would want more. mmm, I think kou-chan would love having a little sister or brother.
we'll see...

world of sekimachihato said...

* life for beginners
do you know what? I had to look up that word "egads"!
where the heck have I been hiding?

and I like your positive thinking comment regarding the heat (trust you to come up with something like that!). but very true, less layers, more flesh = more nippie.

Mary said...

man do i understand where your oming from re. the heat.
i've just driven my parents(a 6 hour round trip) to girona airport in spain without aircon in the car. it was over 30 outside & my father refused to have the window open on his side!!! arghhh :)

also the french charge the same stupid amounts to translate official documents in to french. very silly & pointless i say :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
why wouldnt your dad put down the window?

glad to hear it's not only the japanese who charge silly pointless amounts to translate official documents!

Anonymous said...

You should give yourself credit for juggling both work and baby! You deserve to have crappy days once in a while.

Also, fxxk power crisis. There is absolutely no such thing. It makes me so angry that they are still trying to make people believe it.

But anyway, I hope you'll have a relatively relaxing weekend.

world of sekimachihato said...

* aixxx
true, true. so nice of you to say that we deserve some credit; I tell ya, it's not easy.
god knows why but kou-chan's not sleeping well at night waking up about 4 times. we are both so over tired that we slept in for an extra 50 min this morning!
not a good start to the week.

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